Friday, October 21, 2016


Parenting has been no joke lately. Sometimes I wonder why at all did we go into the whole having kids thing thinking it would be all sunshine and rainbows. At this point in our lives it is anything but. We have a 3 year old that just started his school career in September and we have yet to hear from his teachers (except for maybe the first and second days) that he has had a good or any sort of positive words at all regarding his 3 1/2 hours at school. And then we have our sweet-as-pie 6 year old who leaves 80% of her sweetness at school. We (and by we I mean Elle and I because Aaron had a work meeting he couldn't miss) had her first parent-teacher conference last week and heard not one negative thing. She listens, hears, sets a good example for her peers, reads on a 4th grade level, plays well with others, is a great helper to her teacher and I could go on and on. I was beaming and so was Elle. It was pure delight to hear someone say so many nice things about your child. And then, the moment we got in the car she had an epic 6 year old meltdown.

Many moons ago. In my early twenties, when Aaron and I would talk about having the big family we always dreamed about, I would envision so much love and togetherness and joy. And while our children bring all the joy in all the world and we wouldn't change a thing, I do wonder why no one tells you what having a family actually entails.

And then there's the infertility thing. The big family we always wanted is never going to happen. I know God's timing is perfect, yada yada. When I try to talk to someone about our struggles and hear that, it really is like nails on a chalkboard. And then, conversation over. But then again who wants to talk about sad and hard things anyway. Saying "God's timing is perfect" is the easy way out of the conversation. I know God's plan is perfect. I know this through and through, just don't want to hear it. We have tried all the channels that we were willing to and nothing has worked so we our moving on past the dream of wanting to grow our family past 4 but I can't help think about how that 3rd baby would just provide this family a whole new dynamic and happiness and joy during these rough parenting ditches we find ourselves in! Or maybe it wouldn't? Maybe for me it would just add more stress. I'll go with that and move forward.

Oh, and then there's the birthday party we went to recently. It was a large group of kids that Elle didn't know well except for the birthday girl and she felt so left out. The moment we got in the car it was a stream of tears until we got to Chickfila for dinner. At 6 years old she is already having moments of insecurity and self doubt. She said "Mom, [birthday girl's] friends don't like me, they wouldn't even let me play with them and were running away from me". And I witnessed it all and it was so frustrating and broke my heart. At the time I just didn't know it was actually affecting her and it was. At one point I looked over and she was riding the ponies all by herself. I mean, all the cry face emojis for that. All of this, every bit of it, I knew we would be dealing with eventually I just never would have thought at a 7-year old birthday party. I am not ready for this. I am not prepared to parent through these situations.

It just always seems like there is something...

We took the kids to Silver Dollar City last Saturday and it was such a perfect day. Even with all the people it was such a fun day. The kids had a blast and we had so much fun just being with them. It's like we have to remove ourselves from our home to actually enjoy each other. AND I NEVER WOULD HAVE EVER DREAMED THAT WOULD BE THE CASE. I love my home, I love being home and its so sad to me that for us to have fun and enjoy each other we have to be doing something. As I type this parenting diatribe I am fully aware that it is not my children it is me. I have no clue what I am doing, I have not since day one. I am just trying to get by one day at a time but it just seems these days are long and hard but look forward to when parenting produces more days of joy than not and I finally feel like I'm actually, maybe, just a little, doing something right.

I love my family. They are more than everything to me. If I didn't have them, I don't even know who I would be or what I would do. And I know because I do love them so much and because I do feel these things that I am not failing them totally. I want to be a better mom and I want to produce better human beings. Its just a process that is never ending.

And because I am a very PROUD mama (and because I can't do a post without a visual). Here is a picture of my cuties at one of said enjoyable outings. This was a couple of weekends ago at a pumpkin patch where we got pick our own pumpkins. It was so fun and we found and spent way to much money (Aaron was really happy about that) on some really unique pumpkins.

If you made it to the end of this, thank you for reading and listening. We are all in this together and I know we all feel like failures at one point or another. Maybe some more than others. Me, raising my hand here. Parenting is not for the faint of heart and I really do wish before I had kids that someone would have spoken wisdom to me about what having children REALLY looks like. You hear all the baby advice but no one shares what its like actually raising the baby.

T G I F. Every Friday is a TGIF.


Saturday, October 1, 2016

Saturday Style {Style Bloggers You Want To Follow}

My main responsibility at Maude is facilitating style blogger collaborations and I absolutely love it. Anyone who knows me, knows I love clothes and good style so this has been so fun for me to read through applications, choose blog ambassadors from each state and communicate with them. I have come to really admire these bloggers. They have made a passion for fashion into successful blogs and businesses. I can only dream of having a blog as successful as any of theirs one day but goodness, gracious it takes a lot of time, creativity and smarts. All of these ladies have just that and I thought it would be fun to feature some of these very stylish and in my opinion super cool ladies with you. Assuming that you like style blogs as I do.

blogger_wearfateblogger_wearfate_instaFirst up, the beautiful Mollie Moon of Wearfate [blog][Instagram]. She is the definition of boho chic. Impeccable taste and styling and imagery.

blogger_sparklingstickystyleblogger_sparklingstickystyle_instaManda Lee, our South Carolina ambassador. She blogs at A Sparkling Sticky Style [blog][Instagram] and perfectly pairs trendy and classic in every post. And that HAIR. Major hair envy here.

blogger_musingsofglitterblogger_musingsofglitter_instaOur Arkansas Girl, Emily. She blogs at Musings of Glitter [blog][Instagram] She's so fun and gorgeous. I look forward to her daily Instagram and blog posts.

blogger_lovelenoreblogger_lovelenore_instaOur Missouri gal, Jacy, blogger at Love Lenore [blog][Instagram]. She has such a playful look on current trends. I love when I see a new trend that I'm initially intimidated by on someone and it makes want to try it out and Jacy does that for me!

blogger_candidlychanblogger_candidlychan_instaOur Illinois ambassador, Chandler. She blogs at Candidly Chan [blog][Instagram] is such a joy to work with on top of all her posts and has the most unique style and imagery. She is my definition of cool and she doesn't take a bad picture. I want to be friends with her in real life.

SO. It's October 1! We woke up to temps in the 50s and the high is 70 today. It finally feels like fall and this weather is just amazing. I wish it lasted all year long. I keep thinking I need to move to So Cal where its sunny and 70s every day.

Hope you have a great week and drop me a comment if you have a favorite style blogger that I should check out.


Thursday, September 22, 2016

First Day of Fall {favorites}

Y'all, hi! Its been a while. We have been all consumed with school and after school activities. I took on a few Hello, High Handmades orders over the last month so that was fun to sit at my sewing machine a little bit. I had great intentions of releasing a fall line but like always, I was over zealous and have only one pattern of the eight different styles cut out. So instead of releasing them all at once into my Etsy shop they will be gradually added piece by piece. Harry started PreK-3 a couple of weeks ago so I finally have some free time to actually think and hopefully I'll get back into my creating mode. All that to say, we've been busy and life is good right now. As unstructured and chaotic as it is.

So, today is the first day of fall SOOOOOO WHERE IS FALL? It's so blasted hot and humid in NW-AR right now that it feels like the dead middle of summer. It's all good. I really do love the heat and I'll be praying for it when winter hits BUT I am ready for cozy clothes. Sweaters, booties, layers...

I haven't done too much fall shopping lately, just a few pieces from Maude here and there. Its just been too dang hot to even entertain sweaters and layers. But I have been pinning lots of inspirational fall outfits and pieces I want to add to my wardrobe this fall and winter.

Oversized sweater. Denim on colored denim. Oversized cardigan. Trench with sneakers.

Denim on denim on denim. Hat and clogs. OVERALLS! Bomber, plaid and sneakers.

LOVE all these looks! Can't wait to replicate them this fall. I really have got to find a pair of overalls. That has been on my list for months but I just can't find a pair I love.

left to right | top to bottom

Some of my favorite fall finds from Maude. I recently purchased the oversized leopard sweater and the coney plaid shirt. Both are so super soft. I'm sure I will live in them in the coming months. And they have the CUTEST BOOTIES YOU EVER DID SEE RIGHT NOW. Basically I'm never going to get a paycheck. But at least I'll have cute clothes and shoes.

AND guess what? I got a laptop a few days ago! WOO HOO. I see so much more blogging in my future. SO much more convenient and appealing to be able to have it on my lap anywhere I choose rather than being holed up in my office. Who knew?

Happy Thursday! Hope its a great one. It's our Friday..yayay! The kids are out of school tomorrow and I am so looking forward to sleeping in.


Wednesday, August 24, 2016


The creative masterminds at Maude had the GENIUS idea to color-block the back of their building in the most amazing vibrant colors! It is stunning and a fashion bloggers' dream! It's been fun seeing lots of local bloggers already posing in front of the wall. Such a unique and fun addition to Fayetteville.

A couple of Saturdays ago Maude revealed the wall with an event to benefit Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. All proceeds went straight to CFF with fun vendors and desserts. It was such a great night at the #MaudeWall.

Jo Johnson, the amazing photographer behind all the images on the Maude website and instagram page, took the most beautiful pictures at the event. I thought it would be fun to share some of them here!

377B8898377B8897377B8894DESSERTS! Alchemy Macarons graciously donated 5 dozen macarons and they were delicious. My mouth is watering looking at this picture. I would give my left pinky toe for a mint chocolate one right now.

377B8918Y'ALL. All the heart-eyed emojis for these Zuzu's Petals crowns. Just gorgeous!! Everyone loved using these in the pictures.

377B8908Valere Rene Handbags and Crown Beauty Bar both set up tables. I love everything from VRH. I want a piece. My mom got the cutest makeup bag.

377B9161377B9193377B9495377B9502377B8903377B9490My crew. My people. My family. I love them. So much so that I can't even open my eyes for the group picture. HA!

377B9529#MaudeSquad. I absolutely ADORE and love getting to work and spend time with these ladies!

377B9560The TALENT behind the flower crowns!!
SavvyMadisonCollage Do you know these lovely ladies? Savvy is MISS ARKANSAS and is getting ready to compete in MISS USA! Madison is an up and coming musical talent. Recently on America's Got Talent!! Total local celebs. Beautiful and sweet and joyful and so much drive and talent for such young ages. It was fun having these girls be a part of the #MaudeWall event.

If you're in Fayetteville you HAVE TO CHECK OUT THE #MaudeWall! Take a picture or two! Its super fun.


Monday, August 22, 2016

Well, hello there end of summer.

HI! August 22nd. Where did our summer go? Elle started her THIRD week of First Grade today. Hard to believe we are already well into our school year. And Harry starts preschool (first time for us to be apart. glory!) in 2 1/2 weeks. We are both so ready. He talks about going to school We talk about the friends he'll make, the teachers he'll love, the things he'll learn and all the fun he'll have! I cannot wait to see him embark on this little adventure. And, selfishly, I cannot wait for a little ME time.

We had a full fun summer! And on top off all the fun, I started back sewing and working at MAUDE. So it was a packed summer. We made lots of fun memories and spent a lot of quality time together but we were certainly all ready for some structure when it came in the form of Elle starting First Grade. And by the way, she LOVES it. No surprise there. She started at a new school, not knowing a single soul, and is thriving like we knew she would. We love her new school and her sweet First Grade teacher.

Our big fun this summer was our beach vacation! My parents took us to Gulf Shores for an awesome and relaxing week on the beach! This has been the first year in many that the beach with kids has been enjoyable. Both of my kids love the sand and ocean and were content to play. Aaron would take them out on the kayak and I actually got to relax with a book. Fit in two during the week!


Also this summer, we added JUNIE to our family. She is a Blue Heeler mix but looks so much like a German Shepherd we think she must be part that too. She's about the sweetest dog we've ever known and has been such a joy to have around. We love her!


Summer 2016 was a good one! But we welcome a new season with open arms!


Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Independence Day

Happy Fourth of July from my patriotic pair!

How in the world has it been over a month since I last blogged. That is insanity. Summer has been crazy, full, fun, aaaaaannnnnnd exhausting. There's so much we want to fit in every week that it leaves little time for anything other than the typical household duties.

Hard to believe that our summer is halfway over and in less than a month (eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!) Elle will be headed back to school as a First Grader. Lots to fit in in the last month. Including the BEACH (woo hoo!), school supply shopping and play dates with friends.

It's going to be a crazy JULY. But we welcome it with open arms!

Happy Fourth!!!


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

What I Wore {Cropped Flare}

Ok, guys. The cropped flare. Hands down, my favorite trend for spring, summer and fall. So flattering, easy to style and super comfortable. Seriously super comfortable. I love anything with a mid or high rise and these have that and that perfect amount of stretch.


I can't get enough of these jeans. I think they are so fun and different without looking like I'm trying too hard. You know, I did turn 33 last week, so it's not like I can just wear every single new trend out there anymore. But I'm definitely loving this one a whole whole lot!

The flare crop is so cute styled with heels, mules, flats, birkenstocks, slip ons, every shoe in my opinion. And every top as well: button ups, bohemian blouses, flowy tanks, a simple tee, fitted tanks. The styling possibilities are endless, as is the effort. They pair wonderfully and easily with everything. And the price point (for this particular pair) is pretty nice too ;)

flarecrop01flowy blouse [similar] | front pocket cropped flare jean [here] | heeley dolce vita slip on [here]

If you are looking for a fun new trend to change it up a bit without stepping too far out of the box you should definitely give these jeans a try! I think you will really like them!

Search "cropped flare" on Pinterest and you will find all kinds of awesome style inspiration! Here are some looks that I just love and have inspired some of my recent outfits:

flarecropcollageSee? So versatile! Cool, chic, and effortless. Such a fun new trend that I hope sticks around for years and years like the skinny jean.

Happy Tuesday! Here's to hoping I have a more productive day than Monday. After single-parenting it last week and having Harry's 3rd birthday party (pics to come soon) at our house on Saturday, celebrating Mother's Day on Sunday, yesterday I literally sat on the couch all day. Lots of snuggles happened with my little man. I did get one load of laundry done AND went to the grocery store AND made dinner. So maybe I wasn't as big of a sloth as I thought at the time, but it was good day of rest that's for certain.