Friday, October 17, 2014

A Fall Mantle + A Fall Front Porch

I'm not a huge seasonal decorator. I have a pretty simple style when it comes to home decor and I translate that into my seasonal decorating as well. Last year was the first year I even decorated at all for Fall Harvest and before having Elle I never even decorated for Christmas (a tree and done). Our house is so small and I'm afraid it will feel cluttered if I start sitting out a bunch of stuff. But now that we have kids and Elle is getting older and gets into it, its fun. And I like the festive mood it puts us in!

Not only is my husband an amazing graphic designer he also can paint and draw. I commissioned him to make this chalkboard for me. I found a free printable I liked on Pinterest and we copied it. I can't remember the source and didn't pin it but if you search "fall chalkboard art" on Pinterest you will see this.

Obsessed with Aidie's Hideway. She makes the cutest felt buntings I have ever seen. When I saw this leaf bunting I just HAD TO HAVE IT. Check her out!

HI! Its almost impossible to get a good straight on photo of our mantle with that mirror up there! Elle brought home a pumpkin from preschool and I asked her what she wanted to do with it and she said she wanted it to sit on the mantle in the living room so we could all enjoy it. Ha! I'm thinking maybe one of her teachers gave her that idea. So we picked up another cute little baking pumpkin at Walmart and anchored the bunting with them. No nails. No tape. And it looks pretty cute.

Added a few little pumpkins to this armoire and that's it for my interior fall decor. Told you it was simple. And very minimal!

Front stoop. I love all these colors so much!

This mum is from Sam's. It is huge and so pretty and only $17! All of our pumpkins are from Walmart this year.  I have been wanting to take the kids to a pumpkin patch to pick out pumpkins and take pictures but we have had so much going on lately that we haven't had time. Hopefully we will get there soon!

Happy Harvest.

xo, KB

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