Monday, October 13, 2014

Breakfast for Dinner. Casseroles. And Lots of Salsa. {What We Ate}

When I was pregnant with Elle (many moons ago) Aaron and I would talk about the things that we thought were important that we would do as a family. And one of those important things was sitting around the dinner table as a family. Before having Elle we rarely, if ever, sat at the kitchen table to eat. We were either dining out or sitting on the couch. I rarely ever cooked. It's hard cooking for just two people. And to be completely honest, I never really loved being in the kitchen. As Elle got older eating out starting becoming more of a chore and those family dinners that we deemed important started happening. Like I said, I never cooked much and didn't really find enjoyment in it but as time went on and I was in the kitchen more and more I started loving it and to this day I really enjoying cooking. Don't get me wrong, I have days, many days, when the last thing I want to do is cook dinner. But that's when meal planning comes in handy. It takes all the guesswork out of planning dinner and all you have to do is look at your weekly menu and get going on dinner. I also look at our week ahead when planning our meals and we if have something one night and have time to eat before I plan something really simple like sandwiches or a crockpot meal that morning. But sometimes, depending on what our obligation is, or what we have going on that day, we might just eat out after. If we have dinners out with family or friends, obviously I don't plan to cook something those nights. One night a week we try to get together with our group of friends and have a homemade meal and I always try to add my contribution to the meal to my menu for the week so I'll know what to get at the grocery store. Speaking of grocery store, I failed to mention my utter dislike for grocery shopping. Absolutely despise it. So I try to only go to the grocery store once a week. So that's why I try to make sure I plan everything for the week I'm going to make: snacks, desserts, drinks, whatever it may be, so that I only have to make one grocery trip in a week.

When I blogged at Living the High Life, I did a meal planning post every week or other week and got such great feedback and would hear from friends in real life that they loved reading those posts and would get great inspiration from it so thought I would try it out here at Hello, High.

So, this week we had quite a bit of stuff going on in the evening, so I only planned 3 meals. 2 of which were casserole dishes because I wanted some good leftovers for lunch and the weekend. I'm not a fan of leftovers and rarely eat them but my husband and kids don't mind.

Monday was one of those crazy morning days. I went to bed with all these great intentions of getting up before the kids and doing my menu for the week and then while Harry took his morning nap, I would get ready and we would go to the grocery store after lunch. WELL, nothing happened as planned and by the time I had all my ducks in a row and was ready to go I was just done. I did not want to go to the store and was about to throw in the towel BUT we had to run a couple of other errands so decided while we were out I would just swing by the store to pick up a few things to make breakfast for dinner: bacon, goat cheese and biscuits. So that was what I did and ya know what, it all worked out fine. It was an easy in and out. No kids were harmed, we were back home in time for Harry's afternoon nap and dinner was made when Aaron got home from work. We saved a lot of money by eating at home and the grocery store trip happened on Tuesday.

Breakfast For Dinner:

Biscuits (have you seen the mini packages that have only 5 biscuits) with butter and jam
Eggs to order
Goat Cheese Grits

Goat Cheese Grits Quick Recipe:
-Instant Grits
-1/4 cup milk
-3 tablespoons butter
-1 goat cheese log
Cook grits according to the package (4 servings). Once grits are cooked add milk, butter and goat cheese. Stir until combined. Add salt and pepper to taste.



Spinach Salad

Fast and easy side: baby spinach with goat cheese crumbles, avocado, cherry tomatoes, toasted pine nuts and French vinaigrette salad dressing.


Pasta Pizza Casserole
recipe [here]

This night Elle had a late soccer game so I wanted to make something that I knew she would eat. She loves anything with pepperoni and she devoured this casserole and even asked for it for lunch the next couple of days. I always love finding a recipe that my kids love. This one will be added to the rotation.




Enchilada Stack
recipe [here]

The family loved this too. And can I tell you a little secret? I used canned chicken (all white meat of course)! And it turned out just fine. Could not even tell.


The Pioneer Woman's Restaurant Style Salsa
recipe [here]

You can't have a Mexican dish without salsa. At least you can't in our house! PW's salsa recipe is BY FAR my favorite salsa. I love it even more than fresh salsa with garden-grown summer tomatoes. Y'all its so good. You have to make it.


This is how much the recipe makes (those are the big 24 ounce mason jars)! This will last us maybe a week. We can't get enough.


THIS. What I love most about cooking for my family. All of us in one place at one time, enjoying each other's company after a full day.


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