Saturday, October 11, 2014

Saturday Style {Little Highs}


Dressing Harry is the best. Toddler boy clothes and shoes are the cutest. I can't stop shopping! Doesn't help that he is so dang cute. Elle is a different story. Now that she is months away from being 5, she is a lot more opinionated about what she wears. I have to make sure she likes something and will wear it before I purchase it because if she doesn't like it she will not wear it. Like this day, I dressed Harry and had something in mind for Elle and she was not about it at all. She wanted to wear this dress, with those leggings and those boots. And that was that. No way to change her mind. Its quite comical really. Luckily, she has pretty good style and she knows not to get too crazy on me because I won't let her wear it. I mean, most of the time. There have been days she has worn her Elsa dress to Walmart or the post office.

BEANIE Lemons & Lace jail house rock beanie | POLO last year Cherokee (similar) | JEANS Baby Gap skinny jeans | SHOES Cherokee Owen boots

DRESS Target last year (similar) | leggings Crazy 8 knit-denim leggings | boots Baby Gap moto boots

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