Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sally Dress + Family Pictures Outfits

I love everything about this dress. The square neckline. The elbow sleeves. The oversized pockets. The precious girl wearing it. Its such a sweet dress for girls. And pretty easy to whip up too. It's the Sally dress by Very Shannon. She also makes adorable patterns for knits. I don't knit, but if I did I would make this, this and this.

Shannon's Sally pattern is very easy to follow and she gives wonderful, clear instructions. The only thing different that I did was NO BLIND STITCHING. I don't have the patience for that apparently so I ended up just finishing the seams with a zig zag stitch and calling it a day.
 Elle_Sally_03 Elle_Sally_02Elle_Sally_01

OH man, was Elle in a mood when these pictures were taken. So so silly. Thank you Sonic grape slush. But, she loved this dress! She didn't want to take it off and even asked me to make her another one. But, since she's going to wear it for our family pictures I made her.....

Speaking of our family pictures. They are this weekend and the planning of the outfits totally stresses me out! And it only happens just days before the pictures. Pictures are planned weeks before but for some reason I always wait until last minute to put outfits together. And then I'm stressed. This time around though, I haven't been too much of a freak while planning. I ordered a couple shirts from Old Navy (for myself) and when I saw the plaid shirt I knew that's what I wanted to wear. I always plan what I am going to wear first and then I choose what everyone else is going to wear around my outfit. Is that horrible that I think about what I'm going to wear first? This is how I look at it.... I don't have too many clothes, especially clothes worthy of being professionally photographed but my kids do. They have a ton of options so its easy to find something for them to wear based off what I'm wearing and then once I pick out what the 3 of us are going to wear, I pick out Aaron's outfit. He has a closet full of clothes, so he's the easiest one to coordinate.

So, I got the ON plaid shirt in and knew I wanted to wear it and then I came across the plaid fabric and knew I wanted to make Elle a dress or skirt or something out of it. So then I kind of just thought plaid for us all would be fun. Plaids are pretty hot right now and I love all things plaid. I'm hoping that it photographs well. Last year we wore blacks and blues so I wanted something completely different. Bright and fun.

I tried to take actual pictures of our outfits, but the lighting isn't good and I don't really have a great place to lay it out all pretty, so I made these sets instead.

Fall Family Pics 1

Plaid fun. Oh I hope it photographs well. I chose all differents plaid prints that would compliment each other, and put a sweater on Harry and vests on Aaron and Elle to break up the plaid a bit. This really isn't anything like what we are wearing but you get the idea. A lot of plaid and a lot of color. That necklace though. I really want that necklace. Oh and Aaron will be wearing pants. Just realized I left off pants for him. Whoops.

Casual Family

Casual cool. Last year we were more casual like this. Sweaters, skinny jeans, and minimal prints. I loved last years pictures. They turned out so good!

Planning outfits like this is SO FUN. I wish I could just plan the outfits and then all these clothes would just show up on my doorstep. That would be nice!

Can we talk about those imitation leather pants? They are from H&M and I really want them. Not sure where I would wear them and my rule for clothing is $1 for every time it will be worn. Hmmmm... not sure I would get enough wear out of them to make the purchase valid. But they are FUN.


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