Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Fall In Love

Hey Hey Hey. Happy Hump Day.


My first outfit post. Eeeeee. I'm so nervous to click publish.

Why is taking pics of oneself so awkward? Aaron and I laughed so hard while he was taking these pictures of me. And its super weird editing pictures of myself. Hopefully I'll get better at/more comfortable with the whole process.



I. Love. This. Tee. Stripes always catch my eye and the cut out lace detailing is so girly without being too over the top fancy. And the flowy fit is so comfortable. You will be seeing me in this a lot.

I recently discovered Clad and Cloth on Instagram (via the explore page) and instantly fell in love. Their pictures are so fresh and their styling is on point. I had to order something right away. Ha! If I could, I would own everything in their store. They have yet to post something on Instagram that I haven't instantly loved. Such a great store and their customer service is amazing.


Just a few other things I'm lusting after right now. Everything is so fun and trendy, yet totally practical. I could see myself running errands, meeting a friend for coffee, going on a date with Aaron in every one of these outfits. I mean, that dress! I would live in that dress. The color is perfection. And the slouch pants, and the leather pants, and the native sweater. It's all so great. I could go on and on. This store has me really excited if you can't tell. I hope you'll check them out!

Have a great day!


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