Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happy Halloween + Little High Style


H A P P Y  belated  H A L L O W E E N
From yours truly, Princess Aerial and Crazy-Pants Golfer John Daly 
(If you aren't familiar with John Daly, Google him. Harry is a dead ringer.)

We had a blast yesterday! In my adulthood, I've never been a big Halloween celebrater. But with kids it is just so fun. We have talked about Halloween and dressing up and all the candy and all the places we would go for weeks now. We have literally counted it down. Every day Elle has asked us how many more days until she gets to be Aerial so yesterday was so much fun for her! And it was the first time she got to go door-to-door trick-or-treating and she loved it! Last night was such a fun night with our best friends and all our kiddos.

I have been saving up some little Highs fall style for you. I've been trying to make a solid effort to take pictures of the kids on the days when we put cute clothes on but a lot of the times we are rushing out the door and I just forget or don't have time. And by the time we get home we are all ragamuffined out. But here are some of the styles the little have been sportin' the last couple of weeks. They are pretty darn cute if I do say so myself.


Man I love dressing these little nuggets and going through the pictures later and picking out my favorites. They are just so much fun. So joyful. So full of life.

The navy dress, the black/white top and the floral dress were all made by me. One of my favorite things about sewing is being able to make Elle fun, one-of-a-kind dresses or tops. And she gets so excited about anything I make her (well maybe not that b/w top so's a tad big) and wants to wear all the dresses I make over and over and she will tell anyone who will listen that "her mommy made it". The patterns I used for the dresses and top were the Olivia top by Craftiness Is Not Optional, the Racerback Flare dress by Cali Faye Collections, and the Every Little Thing dress by Shwin Designs. AND Harry's little teepee tee was made by me as well. I have a couple baby sizes listed in my etsy shop. Boy stuff is hard. If you see any fun, modern designs for little boys out there send them my way. I'm always on the hunt for cute boy patterns but haven't found many I just love.

Everything else my kiddos are wearing is from Baby Gap, Target, and Old Navy. Elle's leggings are from Crazy 8. That is my favorite place for leggings for her. The girls XS (4) fit her tiny little frame so perfect and I can usually find them really on sale. The leopard dress is from Walmart last year but I am pretty sure that I have seen them in the big girls section this year. Harry is wearing several purchases from Instagram closet accounts. I love shopping resale on Instagram. I find the cutest, well loved, stuff for my kiddos for great prices! The suspender jeans that Harry is wearing are 9-12 months from H&M almost 2 years ago. We got them when we were in Kansas City for Elle's 3rd birthday. He wore them last fall for our family pictures. They were big and he looked like an old man with his pants hiked up but they fit him so perfect now.

Hope you all have a lovely Saturday. If you are wondering what we are doing this weekend, we will be consuming all our Halloween candy. Come Monday whatever is left is going in the trash. I can't take all the candy around the house. I will literally eat myself into a sugar coma. I have no self control when it comes to candy. We brought home lots of good stuff too!

Happy weekend.


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