Friday, November 7, 2014

Harry's Hodge Podge Room

Sounds like a children's book title. We've always said we want to write a book called "Harry Has The Hiccups" maybe we should write one called "Harry's Hodge Podge Room" or maybe both.

Anyway, I say hodge podge because everything is hand-me-down, or formally used in other areas of our home. We didn't go into designing his room with a plan (like we did with Elle). It just kind of happened. And it worked out pretty great. I really do love his little room. All the bright colors and the eclectic mix of art and furniture.


Once upon a time, Harry had a white Jenny Lind crib and then he kicked 3 rails loose and ripped them right off the bed and got out of his bed (he wasn't even walking yet). When it happened we turned that side of the bed against the wall and then Harry started wedging himself between the wall and the crib and getting stuck so we had to find him a new crib. Luckily, Aaron's parents just had this one sitting around and gave it to us. I was going to paint it white (like the JL crib) but once I got it in the room I liked the contrast of the maple wood against the white wall. And a little part of me really didn't want to paint anyway. This is a good sturdy bed and there's no way that Harry can destroy it, but any day now he will climb out of it. He is so close.

The arrow print is from The Crooked Nook on Etsy and we had the Davy Crockett album and the metal "H" already. The hot air balloon mobile is from amazon. The flocked leaf curtains are from Urban Outfitters and they were once used in the guest bathroom as the shower curtain. We updated the guest bathroom so I hung the curtains in here and I love them!


Harry loves his room. I will be doing something around the house, like laundry or dishes and he will get so quiet so, I of course, have to check on him and he is usually sitting in his closet reading his books or playing with his toys. We got the cube storage at Target and the drawers for it there as well. I love having a specific place for his toys and books to go. Makes cleaning up a breeze.

This little chair came from my Mimi. It holds Harry's collection of sock monkeys. The janky one in the middle is Bobo, he was Aaron's when he was a little boy! I still need to find something to go above the chair. I've got some ideas but haven't purchased anything or commissioned Aaron to make something.....yet.


The dresser is also a hand-me-down from Aaron's parents. I didn't have to paint it either. Just moved it into his room and filled it up with his clothes. I have some plans for this dresser, just not sure when I will get to it. And the awesome lined celery colored curtains were given to me by a friend. She asked if I was interested and I, at the time, didn't have a place for them but took them anyway because they were a cool color and super long length so when Harry's room needed curtains I pulled these out and they work great in his room.

The weekend I got the dresser, I just had to decorate it. I went to Target and found the lamp on clearance for $12 and the canvas basket for $16. I thought I wanted a big oval wicker basket that I had previously seen there for all his blankets and stuffed animals but they were so expensive so when I found this cute striped one for less than half the price of the wicker one, I just went with it and I love the blue with the black. I love the blue with the black so much that I just purchased this rug (and literally just purchased it like right now. Pulled it up to link to it and its on sale!). The squirrel painting Aaron did years ago, like literally 10 years ago and I found it in the garage. I was so excited because I found it after I purchased the lamp and it matched so well. love it there and how special, that Harry's daddy painted it. The piggy bank and the frame were both gifts.


Aaron's mom found the little helicopter with Harold on it. I think he's a toy from a cartoon, maybe Thomas & Friends and I had previously purchases all the Harold/Harry books and just pulled them from his book shelf to sit under the lamp.


Elle and Harry spend a lot of time here together. Aaron made this kitchen for Elle for Christmas when she was 22 months old and it has been her favorite toy since. Back in the day, we had all the toys in our living room because we didn't have an extra bedroom or room for a playroom (one room for Elle and one for my sewing machine) so when Harry came along and both kids had to have their own bedrooms I wanted all the toys out of the living room and there was no room in Elle's room for the kitchen so it had to go in Harry's room. Elle was a little sad at first but got over. She still reminds me every day that it is hers.

The "I Love You So" canvas is from Hobby Lobby. It's metallic gold and maybe a bit girly for a boys room.  I bought it for Elle's room and then ran out of wall space so decided to hang it in H's room. He is still a baby anyway so I can get away with the metallic gold for a bit longer. I made both the H's for Harry's first birthday party and added them to the decor after his party. One is yarn wrapped and the other is a huge canvas letter from Hobby Lobby that I painted stripes on. The circus monkey print is something that Aaron has had for years. A print of some artist he really loves. I have no clue who. The white frames we use are the Ikea Ribba frames. They are so inexpensive that its worth it to stock up on them and store them so you have awesome matted frames to use when the need arises. And the window is from Aaron's parents old barn and Aaron just added chicken wire to it and made the wooden utensils to hang on it.


I love this Dr. Seuss quote and bought this print a few years ago so I can't remember where it came from. I have collected prints over the years here and there when someone has offered them at a good price and have always stored them away because I didn't have a spot for them, so I was pretty excited when I found this one. The colors fit perfectly in the room.


The sweetest little boy. He deserves the sweetest little room and I think we did a pretty good job of giving him a fun, creative space on a very small budget. In all we probably spent around $250 on everything, including storage, crib sheets and skirt, a few decorations and rug (that I just purchased today). Thankful for all the hand-me-downs. So nice to not have to make those big purchases. It was pretty fun shopping around my house for stuff to decorate with as well.



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