Wednesday, January 7, 2015

White-On-White Mantle Makeover

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Since getting the big mirror at a junk sale this summer, I've wanted to paint it white. As you can see, it wasn't a bad color to begin with but I had my heart set on white from the beginning of the great mantle mirror search. Aaron told me not to paint it because he liked the contrast against the white wall but every day since getting it, I've wished it white. I love the look of white on white so the other day I decided to go ahead and paint it. And you know what, Aaron hasn't even noticed. Shhhhh, don't tell :)





I decided to go ahead and paint the chalkboard frame too. I got this as a gift years ago. It was once a mirror and I spray painted chalkboard paint on the mirror and never really loved the distressed, contrast look of the frame but it was a good frame and there was nothing wrong with it, besides that I didn't like it. So why would I paint it? Well I'm the one that has to look at it every day, so I went for it and painted it white too. I'm such a rebel :)


This project LITERALLY took me the duration of a Dinosaur Train episode. Even with the detail on the large mirror frame, it took no time. That's why I love Annie Sloan paint so much. So easy to apply and allows for imperfection. I put one coat of country white paint on the mirror and two coats on the frame...and voila. Done.


I'm so happy with the white-on-white look in my home!


More white on white with a little paint-less nugget running around.

Over our little holiday break, I had Aaron hang the gallery wall up in our tiny little hallway. We had hopes of putting our house up for sale in December, but have decided to wait until spring and I couldn't take the blank wall anymore. So back up the gallery wall went. I'm going to add some prints and I need to update some of the pictures, but it will have to wait for a little while.


My house seems so bare after taking down all of our Christmas decor. I am a minimalist decorator anyway but goodness after the tree went, it just seems so empty! You see the table under the four prints? Its a functioning record player. We rarely ever play it and I've never really sat stuff on top of it, but it needs something. I just don't know what! Ideas?

My next big project is that desk nook. My dream would be built in shelving, a Macbook instead of an iMac, a ghost chair and new curtains. BUT.....

I want to make my house beautiful but at the same time I don't want to put much money into it because what I buy for this house might not work in our next house. And since we plan on selling and buying in the spring, I'm kind of limited to what I can/should do. But, fixing up the desk nook is a definite.....some paint, prints and organization will go a long way! Hopefully I'll get it done in the next month or so!


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