Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Favorites

1. My new May Designs weekly planner from Maude. It's so perfect for jotting down things that come to mind throughout the day. I keep it with me at all times and am always writing down to-do's for the coming days. Since it's an agenda that you have to fill in the dates, I still keep all my far-out appointments in my phone (with an alarm because I can't remember ANYTHING). Helps me to have both ways of staying organized. I find actually writing something down helps me to remember to actually do it. I need all the help I can a really bad way.

2. HARRY IN GLASSES. Isn't he just the cutest? We took him to the doctor a couple of months ago to be told that there was nothing wrong with his eye sight, but I just couldn't let it go. With him being my second, I just knew something was not right. I could tell he was having trouble seeing and I knew that his right eye was week as it crosses in when he's trying to focus and/or sick/tired, so I took him for a second opinion on Monday and am so glad I did. He has amblyopia (read about it [here] if you want) and is also farsighted and has astigmatism. I've never worn glasses so this is foreign to me but is now our new normal. He's had his lenses 2 days and is doing awesome with them. WAY better than I expected him to. He also has to wear a patch and weekly drops so yea, that should be fun. I'm going to start that after Disney World.

3. This sassy girl. How in the world is she turning FIVE next week?! It's not possible. Really it's not. What I can't get over the most about her is HER. She really is the coolest almost 5-year old I know.

4. THE WEATHER THIS WEEK. Goodness. We had 3 gorgeous days in a row. It's been amazing weather for January!!

5. Gimme. I've been wanting a backpack for some time now and I think I'm going to have to go ahead and get this one from Target. At only $40 it doesn't feel like a huge splurge on such a trendy piece. And, it will be perfect for Disney World! Any excuse to get it right?

6. Selfies with my new Rifle Paper Co. phone cover from Maude. LOVE IT. I am so hard on my phone and this phone case is keeping it nice and safe :)

HAPPY FRIDAY FRIENDS :) I am so glad it's the weekend! Tomorrow we are having a small cake party for Elle and she is pumped. We've been talking about it for weeks!

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