Friday, January 9, 2015

The Highs Go To Disney World

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You guys! We are going to Disney World in a few weeks to celebrate Elle's 5th birthday! I can't even express my excitement. We have literally been talking about it since Elle turned 4 last February. My first trip was for my 5th birthday, so I really wanted to treat Elle to the same experience for hers. Aaron has never been, so it took a little convincing of its magic for him to finally agree. But, now that it is upon us, he is just as excited as I am about going. Elle still does not know, although I'm thinking she might have a slight idea, I think she might have overheard us talking about it one evening when we thought she was asleep. The reason we think she knows is because she told my in-laws that she wasn't having a birthday party because she was going to Disney World for her birthday. We plan on surprising her the weekend before we leave, so, we'll see how that goes. I know she will be so excited even if she thinks she may be going.

The Little Mermaid ~ Ariel’s Undersea Adventure
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I've been to Disney World 3 times: once as a 5 year old, next when I was 13 and then the summer before my senior year of high school (and I'm pretty sure I've blocked the final trip from my memory because it was a super awkward week with an on-and-off boy I liked and his family...I went as his older brother's girlfriend's roommate (clear as mud?) and it was just an all around weird experience....). Anyway, all my previous trips were not planned by me and I was just along for the ride. This trip is a first that we've planned and are executing. Disney World is a big, wide world with so much to see and experience and it can be a little daunting. We plan on making this a trip we take every 2-3 years, so we haven't been too plan-crazy because we know eventually we will see it all. Ultimately we just want Elle to have a birthday she won't soon forget and in Disney World that will be easily acheived.

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Here are some of the ways we are saving money:
- flying Allegient
- staying at a budget, All-Star Music, resort. They were running a special so we got it for a really great deal (in my opinion its really inexpensive to begin with)!
- getting the meal plan
- only going to the parks 3 of the 5 days we will be there.
- renting a car from the Sanford airport to the resort (Aaron will drive us to the resort, take the car back to the Orlando airport and get the free shuttle back to the resort and he will do the same the day we leave). We ended up saving over $200 doing this rather than getting a shuttle service or taxi to pick us up. There is not a Disney shuttle that picks up at the Sanford airport so we found renting the car to be the cheapest way possible to get to and from our resort!
- plan on eating breakfast in our hotel room and taking our own snacks and drinks to the parks with us each day. We are taking a stroller so we will have plenty of room in the under carriage to load it up with everything we will need.
- and one way we are saving our sanity is by taking my mom along. Ha! She will be a huge help with Harry.

This week I started reading articles about Disney and making lots of lists about what to pack and be prepared for. An autograph book....what? I learned there are such things as fast passes too. Who knew? I also saw something about stamps or trading cards or something? But I figure my kids are too young for that yet, so we'll get the scoop on all that this trip.

Is it just me or is everyone taking trips to see the mouse right now? I feel like all I see on Instagram/Facebook lately are pictures of Disney World. Which has been great for me because I've gotten lots of tips from posters (see above fast passes :))...

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Ok, Elle's literally going to freak when she's see the princesses. Her favorites right now are Cinderella, Aerial, Aurora and Rapunzel. She isn't as hyped up about Elsa and Anna as she was but she would be thrilled to see them too!

The weather in Orlando during the winter is kind of all over the place. I've been watching it on my weather app and one day it will be 58 and the next day it will be 82, so I'll definitely be packing lots and lots of options for different weather condition. The nights look to be cold, so coats, hats and scarves are a must!

I made some Polyvore sets to show examples of what I will be packing for the kids and myself. Obviously my suitcases won't be this amazingly color coordinated but it looked prettier this way! :)

Elle's going to Disney!

For Elle I plan on packing leggings, a pair of jeans, her tennis shoes, Ugg boots and rainboots (I read it rains nearly every day at some point so want to be prepared in case it actually gets wet), tunics, tees, some Disney apparel, a layering jacket, a rain jacket, and then some cold weather gear for the fireworks at night!

Harry's going to Disney!

For Harry I plan to pack lots of comfy, slouchy clothes and probably double up on everything because he is so so so so so so so messy! In fact, I don't think I've met a messier kid. As far as shoes I'll probably pack his moccasins, converse and lace up boots. I ordered both of the kids some Disney clothes as well and Harry did score himself that awesome Mickey hoodie picture.

Mama's going to Disney!!

And for myself, I plan to pack a couple pair of jeans, a pair of leggings, my converse and Hunters, boyfriend cardigan, lots of tees (short and long), a couple of sweatshirts, hoodie, and some cold weather gear. As much walking as we'll be doing, I just want to be comfortable.

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I am so excited! It will be here before we know it and I can't wait to share all the joy with you!! I definitely will take lots of pictures and share all we did and the things I learned about vacationing at Disney World!

Do you have any tips to share about Disney? Please share! I am all ears!!


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