Thursday, January 29, 2015

What I Wore {Denim, Always Denim}


I asked Aaron if it was okay to wear leather to church and his response was "if you have to ask then probably not" but I wore it anyway. Styled casually, I believe leather can be worn just about anywhere! I recently got these paneled leggings from Forever 21 and love them. They were cheap but are holding up nicely to my wear and tear, not to mention they are super comfortable. You know I'm all about that comfort. If I can't move in it, I won't wear it :)

It was super windy and chilly on Sunday. We snapped these pictures in about 2 minutes so I had to work with what we got and not be too picky....sorry for the blur and crazy wind blown hair.


Denim (acid wash denim...yes!), army green, and black is such a great combination. This exact outfit could be dressed down with regular leggings or dark denim skinnies and sneakers. I have a feeling I'll be wearing this tunic a lot over the next few months. It will be a great transitional piece going into SPRING! Speaking of spring, the weather this week has been AMAZING. We have spent a lot of time outside, it has me really looking forward to warm-weather months. Have I mentioned my distaste for winter lately? I shiver when I look at these pictures.


top Acid Wash Denim Tunic c/o Maude [here] | jacket Mossimo Supply Co. anorak [similar] [similar] [similar] | leggings Forever 21 leather panel leggings [similar] [similar] | booties Splendid Roland Bootie [here]

Use HELLOHIGH code at for 10% off any purchase AND they are offering free shipping right now :)



  1. Hi! Can I have your wardrobe? Please and thank you! Adorable mama!

    1. You're so sweet Shannon. Thank you. You are the adorable one, mama!! (insert kissy face emoji)