Friday, February 20, 2015

Five Things {my makeup bag}

I want to start by saying, I'm not a product junkie BUT my best friend IS so I rely heavily on her to tell me what to splurge and what to save on. She has always steered me in the right direction and I've never been disappointed with a pricey product purchase that she's advised me on. And most of the items I'm sharing with you today are pricey, but I don't regret buying anyone of them.


Meet Sarah. The best friend I speak of. The one with the beautiful skin and the know-all about all things beauty related :). She's agreed to share her insight with my viewers, so every once in a while you'll be seeing her Five Things.

But, today this is about my Five Things. Most of which she told me to buy!

Let's start with a good before and after....

Sad face. Nice zit.

Happy face. What zit?


Contents of my makeup bag! So, it's quite the process for me to achieve the happy face look. I don't have good complexion. My skin is very splotchy due to sun damage and pregnancy. Luckily, I don't have break outs often (just happened to this day). But, because of the splotchy skin I rarely go out of the the house without makeup, but I've got the process down to a 10-minute art.

I don't want to bore you with my routine, but I do want to share my five favorite, must-have products in my make up bag. I buy quite a bit of drugstore makeup: blush, bronzer, translucent pressed powder, lip stain, eyeshadow primer, and mascara. All these things don't really make a difference to me if they are expensive or not and I'm always buying different brands, colors, etc. They all seem to work the same. Although, I must say I really do like the NYX brand! Love their eyeshadow primer. I used the Urban Decay primer for almost a year and when I ran out I bought the NYX brand [here] and have been so pleased with it (and 1/2 of the price!). Its definitely comparable to the more expensive brands out there.

So, on to my FIVE must-have makeup items....


The Lauras: Laura Geller the real deal concealer [here] and Laura Mercier silk creme foundation [here or at Glo in Fayetteville]. Both I LOVE and have used for going on 2 years now. The concealer lasts forever because you have to use barely any and it stays on all day. And Laura Mercier is always a winner in my book. Wish I could afford a LM makeover and buy every bit of her make up.

Applicators, applicators, applicators! The foundation brush and beauty ball (both inexpensive and from TJ Maxx) are essential to my routine. I love the brush to get the foundation on smooth and evenly and I use the ball for my concealer. Sarah told me about the ball and it's one of the best $5 ever spent!


Urban Decay NAKED BASICS [here]. Ok, so little secret, I've had this eyeshadow compact for about 15 months now and I still have another good 12 months in it. It's the best eyeshadow and I love the natural palette. Money well spent!! I really want the new NAKED3 palette [here]. I think the colors would really make my green eyes POP :)

Benefit Gimme Brow [here]. I'm a tad obsessed with thick brows so to enhance mine I use, every. single. day., the gimme brow. Its a mascara-type wand that just brushes color into your eyebrows to make them look fuller! It's a quick application that makes a huge difference, in my opinion. Its pretty pricey BUT should last for awhile!

So there ya have it, folks. My must-have make up essentials! What are YOURS? Is there some miracle beauty product out there that I'm totally missing out on!

OH WAIT! One more thing. The Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray [here] is my latest and greatest purchase! A Sarah suggestion and I love it. If you are like me and hate reapplying makeup throughout the day then GET THIS SPRAY. It's amazing!

Ok, so that was kind of like five things + a bonus :)

Happy Friday and weekend!


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  1. Might need to try that concealer! And I use brow gel/powder but that mascara seems awesome! Loved this post!