Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Peanut Sauce. Homemade Pizza. Minestrone. {What We Ate}

Y'all. It is cold and it has been cold for daaaaaayyyyssss..... And along with this cold weather (and snow and ice) I'm having major blogger block and maybe a mild case of seasonal depressive disorder. I don't really know how to function normally when its below 30° and/or its snowing. Especially where meal planning is concerned. I have a menu for the week and a list ready for the grocery store but its just getting there. Elle's school was cancelled this morning because of the icy roads, and it's 11° outside so we'll be heading to the store after naps!

Here's what we ate last week:



Peanut Sauce with Chicken, Linguine, and Broccoli
recipe [here]

I found this recipe via Pinterest [my cookbook board] and thought it looked delicious and it was. My family LOVES Thai and Chinese food. Elle's favorite is eggrolls. This was a good, easy Asian dish that didn't require me having to go to the Asian market to get any ingredients :). Not that I have anything against going to an Asian market, it was just one extra stop that I didn't have to make!



Crockpot Minestrone Soup
recipe [here]

Loaded with veggies and DELICIOUS. My Elle, who has become quite the picky eater, loved this. We ate it a couple of nights in a row and both nights my kids devoured it. It was also husband approved. We ate it with cornbread both nights.


Semi-homemade Pizza

No recipe for the homemade pizza. Every once in a while I'll make homemade too (I liked Pioneer Woman's recipe [here]) but this night I needed a quick meal so premade grocery store dough it was. I like the Great Value brand dough (in the refrigerated section). Load it up with toppings you like, lots of cheese and bake it accordingly. Elle loves pepperoni, so I made one pepperoni and pesto pizza and one canadian bacon, pineapple and jalapeno pizza and a side of my favorite, kale caesar salad.

Here's to hoping it warms up, the ice melts, and I can get to the grocery store this afternoon! And here's also to hoping THAT this is the last snow/ice day we have. I am OVER. IT. :)


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