Friday, February 27, 2015

T. G. I. F.


This week has been so hectic. I've been swimming in bunny shirt orders! It's the largest order I've ever taken and I'm so so thankful for all the orders yet very very glad that I'm done. I'm glad this week is OVER. Now to just get the piled up laundry done and my house CLEAN. I've been neglecting those things this week.....


This kid. This second child of mine. WHAT in the world am I going to do with him? I have never in my life been around a kid with so much ENERGY and so STUBBORN. He exhausts me. I love him so much, he's so much fun, but he exhausts me! And yet, I still want more children? I keep waiting for the day when Harry and I can communicate. The day that he understands what I'm telling him he can or can't do is in his best interest. Right now he is just so curious and so busy and can't understand why I can't let him out of the cart at the grocery store or why he can't play in the cabinet underneath the kitchen sink... Soon, he'll get it. Until then I'll just keep practicing patience and grace (which I'm pretty much failing at BIG TIME)!

And these two. They love BIG and they fight BIG. Most days I feel like a referee. Their age difference is a bit of a challenge right now. Elle WANTS desperately to have a playmate in Harry but he hasn't learned the art of playing yet. His deal is destroying everything in his path. He finds that thrilling right now and it makes Elle crazy. I tell her everyday that it's just his age and that's how little baby toddler boys act and that one day he'll be able to really play with her but until then she's just going to have move on and do her own thing if he's bugging her. Its a constant battle in our house right now. But, it too shall pass. And as exhausting these days ARE they are also SO MUCH FUN. I am just very thankful for Saturday and Sunday when Daddy is home and we have a 1:1 ratio :)

Happy Friday and weekend.

P.S. The winner of the giveaway is posted on Wednesday's post! Thank you to EVERYONE who entered. We'll be doing more!


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