Thursday, March 19, 2015

Easter Duds

Every year, since Elle was 2, I've made her Easter dress. I thought this year I wouldn't because Gap and Zara have about a bazillion dresses that I love right now, but then I made this skirt....


...and became OBSESSED with this fabric combo. So, I decided that I would make Elle her Easter dress out of these fabrics on one condition. That I find Harry a coordinating shirt. If not, I was going to make it easy for myself and get coordinating outfits at Gap or Zara.

Being that Easter is right around the corner and that I should probably get started on her dress if I'm going to make it we went shopping for Harry's shirt today and I found one that works so perfectly! It coordinates so well with the fabrics without being too matchy-matchy and will look so cute with a bow tie out of the purple lottie dots fabric. I was really excited to find the shirt and now even more excited to get started on the dress.


Isn't it such a good match? I'm not too sure about the navy pants. I really do love navy and purple together so it just might work. I saw the Vans today, they velcro and are awesome, and I think Easter might be the perfect excuse to buy them for Harry. Haven't worked out all Little Dude's outfit details but I'm getting there.....with a couple of weeks to spare :)


This is the pattern I purchased for Elle's dress. The main part of the dress will be the splatter fabric and the sweet bow detailing will be out of the purple lottie dots. The pattern is the Piper Bow Dress from Violette Fields Threads [here]. This shop has the sweetest girl (and momma) patterns. I'm excited to see how this pattern goes for me.

ElleEasterCollage 15 months | 2 years | 3 years | 4 years

Elle's Easter dresses through the years. I can't get to a picture of what Elle wore her first Easter. We may not have even gone to church with her only being a few months old for her first Easter. But, I really can't remember it either way (that's so sad). I could easily find the dresses from 15 months on. The dress she wore when she was 15 months old was not made by me. It was from the Gap and I loved that little dress so much! It had giant sunflowers on it and is still to this day one of my favorite dresses she's ever worn. Having nothing to do with Easter dresses, but I cannot get over the difference between age 2 and 3! So crazy!

I'm so excited to get started on Elle's dress for this Easter. I waited way too long last year and was finishing it up Easter eve with a little sweat on my brow. But it got finished, it was adorable, I got a little sleep and our Sunday was perfect. Just hoping this year I get it done with a few days to spare. I'm really hoping I can work on it some this weekend. We'll see :)



  1. i can't wait to see hour her easter dress turns out! it'll be gorgeous no doubt. i'm hoping to get some of that hand cream for my birthday coming up! i've been dying to try it and those are always the last things i buy

  2. Them little vans are adorable! Love that you make the Easter dress, such a sweet thing to do :) x