Friday, March 20, 2015

Five Things {scents and such}

Hola, friends! It's the weekend, and I could not be more ready for it! Next week is Spring Break, which doesn't mean much to me since I don't have kids in school full time but I'm hoping to make it a fun week for the kids anyway. I look forward to all our friends being free next week for fun lunches and playdates! And the weather forecast is looking marvelous, so should be a great week for us to get outside.....get into nature, make our own discoveries. We've been watching a little to much Dinosaur Train around here :)

It's no secret my love, some might call it an obsession, for Maude. One of my closest friends, Becca, is the owner so of course it's always my first stop. They have awesome clothes and shoes (and right now, every day are getting in the cutest stuff, I can hardly stand it!) but they also have great accessories. I recently stocked up on a few....

FiveThingsSpring Tocca perfume [here] | gold ear jackets | gold tassel necklace
Royal Apothic Conservatory Hand Cream in Peonie and Carnation [here]

How fun is that jewelry? It's not online right now, but they do have a lot of lovely jewelry. I'm in love with all the tassel jewelry they have right now [here] [here] [here] [here]. I have recently become obsessed with ear jackets and love this gold ball pair. They are so simple and can be worn with anything but really make a statement when you want them too! I see a lot of ear jackets in my future. I love the look and the uniqueness of them. Forever21 have so many right now that I love [here] and they are doing free shipping with no minimum through tomorrow! Getcha some! I'm going to :)

The Royal Apothic line is THE BEST. The hand cream is my favorite. Its so thick and creamy wihout being greasy and the smell lasts all day! I couldn't choose between Peonie and Carnation so I got both :) and of course Tocca perfume is always a favorite. I try others but always seem to go back to Tocca. My favorite scents are Margaux and Florence. Both are amazing for spring and summer, very rich and feminine.


Spring and summer is a busy birthday-gift-giving season for us and I love shopping Maude for girly gifts [here]. They have so much to choose from: lotions, perfume, candles, handbags, jewelry, journals, greeting cards, sunglasses, phone cases, lip balm, and so on and so forth. We recently celebrated March and April birthdays with Aaron's family and I wasn't really sure what to get his youngest sister so I got her Tocca hand cream [here] and a Paddywax candle [similar]. Honestly I didn't even smell the candle, I just thought the tin was cute. You can't go wrong with good smelling things in my opinion. I mean who doesn't love lotion and candles?

Happy Friday, lovelies. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. No rain and lots of sunshine for us means lots of outside time!

Don't forget, you can always use code: HELLOHIGH on to receive 10% off any order! Treat yo'self to some Tocca perfume. You will not be sorry you did! Ha!


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