Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Life Is Good

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It most certainly is. In every season of life, it is good.

From time to time I need reminded of this. In a season of life that seems to be filled with quite a bit of uncertainty it is easy to get distracted and lose sight of what greatness is already mine.

Life IS great. So much to be thankful for: my family, 2 sweet babies, a cozy home, jobs, and precious friendships. Looking at it listed out, there's absolutely nothing missing.

Life, while good, is also very busy. Hence the lack of posting this week.  Subconsciously I've been focused on getting some things done around here that I've so neglected the last couple of weeks that I've been taking orders and sewing. This week was a down week for me in the handmades department, so I decided to do be proactive, for once, and get ahead on boring stuff like cleaning house and doing laundry (which I am still so behind on...does the madness of laundry ever end?!).... I'll happily be back next week.

Happy Midweek.


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