Wednesday, March 4, 2015

My New Obsession: Fixer Upper

ANOTHER SNOW DAY! Well its more like a sleet day than a snow day. Either way, I am DONE. Luckily, my mom is off work since schools are closed so Elle is getting to spend the snow days with her. Not that I wouldn't love to have her home, but she gets bored easily. And at Nana's she gets to do whatever she wants, so of course she would rather be there.

For five years, we have lived life without cable television. We have an antenna so we get local channels, but no fun cable shows. We also have Netflix, so we can watch television series and movies whenever we want. Well, Aaron has really gotten into Thunder basketball lately and wanted to get ESPN so he could watch some games so we got Sling TV. We get several cable channels now like HGTV, Food Network, TNT, ESPN/ESPN2 and etc for $20 a month. Not a bad deal.

Since getting the Sling TV I have discovered HGTV's show Fixer Upper and am obsessed. It is the best home design show I have ever seen. Joanna Gaines is so talented and creative. I wish I had an eighth of her talent! I am always rooting for the buyers to buy the worst house out of their options because I want to see how the Gaines can possibly transform it. They never cease to amaze me.

I think I've seen 8 or 9 episodes now and have loved every second of every episode! Joanna's decorating style is maybe a little rustic/distressed for my taste but I love the major design elements she dreams up and executes. It really makes me want to buy an old fixer upper! Although, Aaron and I might kill each other in the process. How do they not? They are seriously the CUTEST couple I've ever seen. Chip Gaines makes me laugh. He's such a goofball. They're too fun!


The most recent home they aired was the Messy Mid-Century Modern house (I think) and OH MY SOUL, it spoke to me. Ha! It is the perfect blend of modern and cozy. Totally and perfectly modern, yet completely comfortable and livable. The kitchen blew me away. Its everything I would ever want in a kitchen and home for that matter.

As much as I love a good modern house, I equally as much love a good farmhouse. That is our dream. 10 acres and an old farmhouse. Now if only we could find that and have the Gaines remodel it for us. THAT would be the ultimate.


The Gaines' farmhouse is what my farmhouse dreams are made of. Everything is so perfect and I LOVE all the shiplap.

My favorite house so far from Season 2 has been the Mid-Century Modern home, but I also really loved the Unstately Manor reno. It was SO ugly and they made it SO beautiful and I am obsessed with the painted brick fireplace!


You know I had to incessantly look through all Joanna's blog posts. Here are a couple of my favorites from Season 1 of Fixer Upper.


The Robinson Farmhouse. Just gorgeous. I love the exterior and the wrap around porch....and those exposed beams. Just gorgeous.


The Mt. Rockwood Story. I'm not crazy about the exterior but I LOVE the painted brick and the turquoise shutters and stained doors. I would NEVER think of that but its so gorgeous. AND THAT KITCHEN. I would never leave that kitchen. EVER. I love so much how it opens up to the rest of the house. You can see everything going on every where. Not to mention all the counter space and cabinets and storage. One word: dreamy.

Now that I am all caught up on Fixer Upper I cannot wait for the next episode. They are one in a million people. Genuine people. Great show!


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  1. This is why we're kindred spirits states away! I binge watch old episodes and it never gets old! I loooove what they do with people that have lower budgets!