Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday Style {everyday looks}

So, we took a very last minute trip to the beach last week. Hence, the quietness here. I had intended to post this last Saturday but then had to spend the day getting ready for our trip that we left for on Sunday. It was such a great week away with my mom and the kids. Aaron had to go on a work trip to Vegas (poor thing) so it worked out good for a little vacay with the four of us. We made some fun memories and I have lots of pictures to share!

The weather has been so up and down the last few weeks, we will get a sunny day and then the very next day it will be cold and rainy. I look forward consistent warm, spring days! I think we are on the uphill climb though. I am done with long sleeves and boots. Just done.

Cold, rainy days. I am obsessed with my new boyfriend jeans from Maude [here]. They are slouchy and wonderful, without feeling like they are going to fall off at any moment.

I have pretty much lived in this sweater this year. Super versatile.  I have worn it when it has been super cold and this particular day it was a gorgeous upper 60's day so I wore it with some peep toe mules and high-waist jeans (from Maude | in-store only). I love this shirt so much. Good purchase on my part :)

I may have been jumping the gun a bit with the sandals but I was just too excited to wear them! These Seychelles [here] from Maude are a new favorite! So comfortable and cute, cute, cute!

{And remember to use HELLOHIGH at checkout to get 10% off your purchase}

Slouchy goodness. Give me a loose-fitting tee and some good jeans and I am set :) All these shirts you have seen stripe [here] and gray chambray [here]

I got out all my spring and summer clothes from last year before we went to the beach and I hate everything. Why is that!? I don't think I bought too many clothes last summer or the summer before because I felt like maybe I still had some baby weight to lose? Either way, I have to get some new things in my closet this summer!



  1. Where is your plaid shirt from? It looks perfectly slouchy and comfy but still put together! I've got to get some better black skinnies. Mine are from target and they are awful! Your style posts are my favorite!

    1. You're my favorite :)

      The plaid is from Charlotte Russe! Maybe you can find it on sale for cheap right now!!

  2. What jeans are you wearing with the red plaid shirt? Love them!

  3. What jeans are you wearing with the red plaid shirt? Love them!

    1. hi!! they are from target. I think mossimo brand. I've had them for a couple years now :)

    2. Wow! I was totally expecting some $100 Jean brand...thanks!!!