Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Week of Pioneer Woman Meals {What We Ate}

We are in the buying-a-new-home season of life right now and it is so daunting and stressful and disappointing. Since spring forward, a lot of our early evenings have been spent driving around looking at houses that we've found online only to find it's been next to a dump or the driveway is sloped or it has no backyard or it has a above ground pool taking up the whole backyard and so on and so forth. I know our dream home will come, I'm just praying it will come sooner than later!

Since our evenings have recently been spent driving around looking at houses we have been grabbing quick dinners out a lot. I've only cooked at home a handful of times in the last couple of weeks and pretty much every meal has been a Pioneer Woman meal.

meatballs | spicy dr. pepper pork quesadillas

Ree's pork and meatballs recipes are SO delicious and make SO much, that each time I make them I freeze half. This time when I made the meatballs I cooked the meatballs and froze them without the sauce to use them on sandwiches or pizza the next time. And we had the pork 2 nights in a row. One night on buns and the next night in quesadillas. If you ever want to make the quesadillas with the pork: I added shredded cheddar, Mexican cotija cheese and barbecue sauce and made sure to get all the cooked onions on the quesadilla too.  These were SO good!

The weather has finally turned  a corner and I think we are finally headed into SPRING (except tomorrow and Wednesday are supposed to be cold and rainy)! The warmer weather and sunshine have me SOOOOO excited for the Farmer's Market, that should be opening SOON! Fresh veggies and grilling out every night we can is one of my absolute favorite things about spring, summer and fall! 

Happy {sunshiney} day!


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