Thursday, April 30, 2015

Peace, Love & Harry

Wow! How is it already Thursday? This week has just flown by and I woke up this morning and realized I haven't posted party pics yet. I've been meaning to since Tuesday but time has gotten away from me this week.

A couple of months ago, I was at Party City getting balloons for our best friends' gender reveal party and saw the tie dye balloons and just knew in that moment I had to do a party centered around tie dye in some way and Aaron came up withe Peace, Love & Harry theme! This has definitely been my favorite party I've thrown for one of my kids ever and I'm afraid I'll never be able to top it! Aaron did such an amazing job on the invitations (that included that Harry illustration), and everything came together so wonderfully and colorfully... it turned out to be so great!

PeaceLoveHarry01PeaceLoveHarry04I mean would you please look at that HARRYLARIOUS illustration?! It could not be more perfect or more HARRY! I love it so much!

Harry has the most colorful personality, so this fun-loving and bright theme fit him perfectly! And he had the best time playing with all his best buds and cousins at the park and he enjoyed all the cupcakes and root beer too :)

PeaceLoveHarry05PeaceLoveHarry06PeaceLoveHarry09PeaceLoveHarry10 For food we had an awesome tie dye cake, cupcakes, Cosmic Brownies, and rainbow gold fish. And for the drinks I got bottled Coke and Root Beer and made water with cucumber, mint and strawberry. That was so delicious!  Everyone thought the cake and cupcakes were so cute and they were unbelievably delicious!

PeaceLoveHarry07 PeaceLoveHarry08
We had the BEST time celebrating our Harry's 2nd birthday! Our families and our closest friends came and helped us celebrate our little guy this past Sunday at a local park. It was such a great afternoon. We are so very thankful for all the people in our lives that love our little guy so much and go out of their way to make him feel special to them!

Party Deets and Links:
Cupcakes and Cake: Mrs. Candy Lambert [email me for info if NWA local]
Harry's shirt: tie dye from [here] and I added the felt peace sign hand
 My Hat and Tie-Dye Top from MAUDE: [here] and [here]
Tabecloth/tapestry [here]
Galvanized Party Bucket [here]
Galvanized 3-Tier Stand [here]
Galvanized Drink Dispenser [here]
Banner: made by me, easy how-to [here]
Tie-Dye Balloons: Party City


Monday, April 27, 2015

What I Wore {the perfect M U M U}

I stalked this dress. It went up on Maude's Instagram [here] a few weeks ago and it looked so cute on the model and I wanted it bad. They sold out in minutes! Luckily for me, they reordered and I was there when the shipment came so that I could snag my mumu :)

You can tell just by looking at it that it's probably the most comfortable dress ever and it is. Such a perfect summer dress to throw on with flats and go. Yesterday it was super windy outside (and its a little low in the back) that I threw on a denim with it for church.

dress vintage floral loose dress midi [here] mini [here] | denim velvet heart chambray [similar]  | sandals elise gladiator heel [here] | necklace metal blooms [here]

This dress is meant to be oversized, like a mumu would fit. That's the style and I love it. Reminds me of something the Olsen twins would totally wear (if it was black of course) and I think its such a fun, perfect dress for the warm summer months! You know I'm about comfort, versatility, and ease and this dress is all of the above plus being super cute with that perfect watercolor print.

Don't forget to use coupon code: HELLOHIGH at checkout on to receive 10% off your order and you'll also receive free shipping with a $50 total!

It's a Manic Monday around here for sure. We are recovering from our crazy weekend today. I am SO pooped.  Birthday parties are so mentally exhausting for me because for weeks I'm constantly thinking of what needs to be done and what you can't forget and so on and so forth that when its all over its like all the air being let out of a balloon. I'm deflated, in a sooo tired sort of way. The kids have opened every one of Harry's new birthday gifts and they are strung all over the house. Thank goodness for new toys to keep them entertained for a while!!

Happy Monday, friends. I'll be back tomorrow with PARTY PICS. Can't wait to share them with you.


Sunday, April 26, 2015

Happy Birthday Harry


This handsome little man turned TWO today and we had a great time celebrating! All day long we sang to him "Happy Birthday To You" and he would just laugh and ate up all the attention at his party this afternoon.

It literally feels like we were just celebrating his first birthday at the same park where he was crawling around and sitting in a high chair to eat his birthday cake. And here he is... a TWO YEAR OLD! With a larger than life personality and the cutest face I've ever seen. Loving on all his little friends and going from one thing to the next: park, presents, cupcakes, park, presents, cupcakes... Never slowing down, ever.

We love you sweet, sweet Harry boy. You are more fun than a barrel of monkeys and sweeter than the tie dye cupcakes at your party. Goodness, I'm not sure how we got so lucky as to be your parents but we are so thankful that we were chosen because you are the best. You make life so much fun! You love big, boy and you are LOVED big, boy.

More pictures to come from Harry's PEACE, LOVE, & HARRY party! It was a colorful time.


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Lemon Love

This pattern is one of my absolute FAVORITES! I've made approximately 30 dresses using this pattern and have yet to get bored with it. Its such a fun, classic design with many opportunities to personalize to make it unique to you.

I love it as it was designed with the bow and the band, and I love it with the pockets. Elle prefers it with the pockets. It cracks me up the certain details and styles that she is drawn to. Lately she's into anything with an animal print (as in a print with kitty cats or flamingos, not leopard/zebra prints) and rompers! She won't wear jeans but she'll wear rompers. Little kids are so funny.

I made a version of this dress last summer for a lady who contacted me on Etsy asking for a custom dress for her baby girl's first birthday lemonade stand party. I scoured and scoured and finally found the cutest lemon fabric ever. It ships from Asia so I knew it would definitely be a one-of-a-kind dress. Then recently a sweet lady contacted me via Instagram and asked for the same dress for her darling girl for her first birthday so I decided to order extra fabric and offer it in my Etsy shop [here]. I made 6 available for purchase and within a few days I sold 5 of the listings, so I definitely think the lemon fabric and this style is a customer favorite as well.

When I was making the lemon dress for my customer a few weeks ago, Elle asked if I would make her one that was all lemons. I suggested the pockets and she was all about that. My heart swelled when I showed her, her new lemon dress and she lit up! She put it on right away, we took some pics and she didn't take it off all afternoon! I love that she loves when I sew for her! I know my days are numbered, so I'm relishing in it now.

ElleLemon02My favorite detail of the dress is the peek-a-boo ric-rac trim. Its so adorable and girly and summery. I love it!

ElleLemon01Unrelated to the dress, but can we talk about Elle's natural HIGHLIGHTS. She really does have the most gorgeous hair; color and texture. Lucky girl. I'm never going to let her color it or use a flat iron on it. Ha!

The pattern is the Every Little Thing Dress by Shwin Designs [here]. The few adjustments I like to make to the larger toddler sizes is use the selvedge width instead of their suggested width for the skirt. It gives it more twirl factor. For the baby sizes I add 2-3" depending on the size to add a bit of fullness to the skirt but not too much bulk. And for the pockets, I use a template from another pattern I like [here] but there are a lot of good websites/blogs out there with pocket tutorials if you need help with making a pocket! I also choose to make my dresses without the band. It's cute, but I like it without.

A sweet dress for a sweet little lady, my sweet little Elle. I love sewing for her. It's the best! And, I love when she loves what I sew for her even more. It's the icing on the cake.

I'm off on a day date with my bestie, Sarah, to Tulsa! We plan to do a little Anthropologie shopping and fun lunching and lots of girl talk. It's gonna be a fun day!


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

What I Wore {C U L O T T E S}

CULOTTES. Yay! I've been so excited about this trend and was so pumped when Maude got a super cute chambray pair.

Do you ever have days where you just LOVE your outfit? Well, I had one of those days on Sunday. I am usually confident in whatever I wear but there are some days that I put on my clothes and I just LOVE my outfit and it makes me extra happy. I was telling my friend the other day, after I texted her that I got the culotte pants, how sad it was how happy clothes made me.  Her reply was something along the lines of "there's no harm done in liking your dress and shoes" and it's so true. Good thing too because I really love my new pants.

CULOTTES_me01Goodness those wrinkles. Yikes! We tried to leave early for church so that we could take pictures before I got too wrinkly but it never happened. Sunday mornings are crazy. No matter how prepared I am, and I am usually very prepared, Sunday mornings are stressful. And, we go to the ELEVEN O'CLOCK service. I don't even want to think what our Sunday mornings would be like if we didn't have a late service to go to. There'd have to be some divine intervention to get us to an earlier service on time.

CULOTTES_me05CULOTTES_me07CULOTTES_me06top lilly lace crop top [here] | pant light denim culotte pant [here] | shoes perfect match mesh mule [here] | necklace vintage style pendant necklace [here] | bracelet hammered narrow cuff [here]

CULOTTES_me02How precious is the back of this shirt?! Such a fun detail. Love the pop of hot pink! And what makes this top even more fun is that it has a pair of matching shorts to go along with it [here]. If Aaron and I were going to some tropical location this summer, just me and him, I would totally rock those shorts with this top.

They are so fun, I just can't stand it! I've been mentally planning lots of outfits around these pants. Maude also has a pair of striped culotte pants [here] that are pretty great as well. I'm obsessed with them too!

What do you think about the culotte pant? Love them? Hate them? If you love them, get this pair! You will not be disappointed.

And, don't forget when you order on to use coupon code: HELLOHIGH to get 10% off your order and if you spend $50, shipping is free!

Happy Tuesday, friends!


Monday, April 20, 2015

Meatballs. Penne. Grilled Chicken. {What We Ate}

Meatballs Meatballs with Marinara

I like to make Pioneer Woman's Meatballs and double the recipe for the meatballs only [here]. I cook half of the meatballs all the way through and freeze them without the sauce. Its so perfect for a quick weeknight meal. Walmart now carries an organic brand called Wild Oats. Have you tried any of their products? I love it all! They make a really good marinara sauce. I can't remember which flavor this was specifically but we've tried them all and they are all good! I just add the frozen meatballs to a jar of the marinara and heat them through and then serve over spaghetti with a side salad and bread. Spaghetti and meatballs is a family favorite for sure!

GrilledCknPastaSaladGrilled Chicken with Corn on the Cob and Pasta Salad

I don't have a recipe for the chicken. All I do is marinade it with a jar marinade and then Aaron does the grilling. Same for the corn: boil for a few minutes and then throw it on the grill to give it some grill marks (my piece didn't have may marks). Easy peasy and delicious. Summer meals are pretty boring for us, especially when we start getting fresh veggies from my grandparents garden and the market. Its grilled chicken, hamburgers, fish, etc. all week long. A good excuse for me not to in the kitchen and it tastes so good!

This pasta salad is one of my favorites! Its the box kit called Suddenly Salad and I add a block of mozzarella, cubed, cherry tomatoes cut in half, a can of drained black of olives, and pepperoni (my mom adds salami too). Its such a good side dish and makes a ton so you can have it for lunch the next day!

Penne A La Betsey
recipe [here]

UMMMMMM.....delicious! I've heard this is so easy and good so I'm not sure why I waited so long to try it but yes, glad I did because it's a new family favorite (we are pasta lovers if you haven't noticed yet). This would be SO good with a jar of sundried tomatoes and some red pepper flakes.  Mmm. Mmmm. Mmmmm. This has been added to the rotation.

Chopped BBQ Chicken Salad

4 thinly sliced chicken breasts, marinaded in bbq sauce (my fave is Stubb's) and grilled or baked and cut into thin strips
1 head of romaine, chopped
1 large handful kale, chopped
1 large handful spinach, chopped
1 head of broccoli, chopped
1 corn on the cob, boiled and cut off the cob (you can grill this too before cutting it off the cob)
1 orange bell, chopped
handful cherry tomatoes, quartered
1 cucumber, quartered and cut into small chunks
Ranch dressing (whatever you prefer, I like the Hidden Valley ranch dressing mix)

Layer your greens: romaine, kale, spinach and then layer your veggies and top each salad with one breast and drizzle with dressing.

I've been so bad at planning and executing meals the last month or so. It seems like we have had so much going on lately and haven't been home in the evenings much. And this week is no exception. Hoping to work up a good menu for the week that is full of fast-to-prepare meals so that if we are away from the home in the early evening its not a big deal to come home and eat dinner rather than pick up something while we are out.

Happy Monday!


Sunday, April 19, 2015

One Week

This time, one year ago, Harry wasn't even walking. Now he is running circles around us all. Making everyone laugh. Talking in complete sentences. Singing and dancing. It's crazy the difference a year makes.

These pictures are some of my most favorite of Harry from his little life. He is the most joyful child I've ever known and these pictures speak to that joy. Everyone that knows Harry LOVES Harry because he is so super sweet and so full of life. He lights up a room!

Harry is a little bundle of awesome! We are so blessed by his life. He brings the fun for sure!

One week from today Harry will be two and we will be having a big time celebrating our little man. Seriously, can't wait!

This week is going to fly by! I love party planning and preparing. Good thing, because I have a lot to prepare by next Sunday.


Saturday, April 18, 2015

What I Wore {It's All About the Details}

What I love most about this dress is all the fun little details. Orange is not my best color and it clearly shows my need for a tan but I can't help but love this dress anyway! The grosgrain ribbon and fringe trim, the shirt layer with the buttons, the gold zipper back, and the pockets. Its such a fun dress! It's meant to be worn as a dress but I was a little self conscious to go barelegged but would be so cute with some bare legs and fun flats on a hot summer day (and with a TAN!). A perfect date night dress for sure! I'll be wearing this a lot this summer once my white legs get a little color. Ha!

This dress is from Maude. Unfortunately they are sold out, but here are some similar dresses I found that I love for their fun details. And I think all can be worn with skinnies, leggings or bare legs :)

Pin Stripe Shift Dress [here] | Blair Lace Twofer Shirtdress [here] | Crochet Yoke Embroidered Dress [here] | Crochet-Paneled Chambray Dress [here] | County Carnival Asymmetrical Dress [here] | Botanical Garden Printed Dress [here] | Crochet-Trim Trapeze Dress [here] | Scallop Shift Dress [here]

All these dresses with their fun details are so great. I would love to have each and everyone of them in my closet! I'm really obsessing over that asymmetrical dress on the bottom left. Its so fun and unique. They all are really! The scallop shift dress would be so perfect for a summer wedding. Its simple yet stunning.

It's all in the details! I'm so drawn to anything that has a fun, unexpected twist.

Happy Saturday!


Friday, April 17, 2015

Five Things {summer ready}

It has been a rainy, yucky week and to top it off we've had the stomach bug roll through our house. So a lot of down time meant a lot of internet surfing!

It's already the middle of April! How did that even happen?! Summer is right around the corner and I've got my list of my summer must-haves...

Fun rompers and sun dresses are a must! Easy to wear and comfortable on those hot summer days and also double as cute bathing suit cover ups! Maude as some amazing rompers and dresses for summer right now. Some of my favorites: [here] [here] [here] [here]

X-Large totes. I love this one from Urban Outfitters [here]. Its so nice to have a big tote during the summer time for all your extras like changes of clothes, sunscreen, water wings, goggles, snacks, drinks..... you get the point! Ha! With kids you always have tons of extras to tote around and I like having ONE bag to tote everything in so a big summery tote is definitely a summer must-have!

A bathing suit that fits like a glove. Maude has Maaji binkinis [here] and I've tried on a couple and love them! They fit so good and don't cut into your side or booty. After having a surgery when I was a preteen that left a huge scar on my tummy and then having two kids I'm not a HUGE bikini person but these are so nicely fitting that they make me feel more confident to wear a bikini. I do LOVE high waisted bikinis though and Urban Outfitters has a couple that I'm loving right now [here] [here]. Anthro has about a million one-pieces that I LOVE [here]. I need them to go on sale :)

Fashionable and reliable shades. And try not to lose them :). I lost my Ray-bans that I got last year for my birthday and I'm really hoping I can get another pair for my birthday this year. They are the BEST! I love the Clubmaster Fleck [here] but I also am loving the Goldendaze brand at Urban [here]. A more affordable version!

COMFORTABLE SANDALS. These are a must in the summer for me. We spend so much time outside and at the park that comfortable sandals are a necessity. In the past I've had Chacos and really I've never LOVED them so this year I got some Tevas [here] and am in love. SO comfortable and metallic gold. Doesn't get much better!

What are your summer must-haves that I'm missing out on?

Happy Friday. TGIF fooor sure. It's been a long week. Yuck!


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Harry's First Birthday {a look back}

Harry's first birthday was so much FUN! We loved having our family and friends all together in one place to celebrate our little guy. I'm so excited to celebrate Big Man's 2nd birthday in a couple of weekends but thought it would be fun to share his first birthday party here!

I initially thought I would do a circus theme party for Harry's first but then as I started to calculate costs, it got a little out of hand. So instead of having a theme, I just did fun bright primary colors. It turned out SO cute.


Can we talk about the INVITE and the floating heads cupcake toppers?!! Aaron designed both and really did an awesome job. I CAN'T wait for you to see the invite this year. OMG. He outdid himself for sure. I don't know if he'll ever make anything cuter :)


Sweets and drinks table. We also served lunch last year at the party. My dad grilled out hot dogs for everyone. I forgot to take pictures of the food table, but it was cute too. Looked very picnicy with lots of picnic plaids.

I love the mason jar drink dispensers that my friend, Sarah, let me borrow. They have some similar at Sam's Club right now. I will be borrowing these again and I also got a matching galvanized bucket with stand for the party too!


OH those floating heads! Get me every time :).... I loved the washi tape bunting on the cake. Sweet and simple! Just the way I like things! Ha!


WOW! Harry was such a baby (and his party pants were way too big. Ha!)! Awwww. I love these pictures so much! Goodness, he is going to LOVE his party this year.


As you can tell, he LOVED his cake! Even cried when we took it away. I'm certain he would have eaten the entire thing. It was so funny! This year we'll have to limit him to one cupcake.

What a JOY this sweet boy has been to us. I can't believe he will be 2 in 12 short days. It really does seem like he just joined our family. We love him so much and love the fun and crazy dynamic he brings to the team.

I cannot wait to share 2nd birthday party pics with you! It's going to be a fun time! We are looking forward to it.


Monday, April 13, 2015

Monday Musings

Good morning, friends! Happy Monday!

What is it about Mondays? I just can't get going on Mondays. I set my alarm for 6:00 so that I could get up, get a post on the blog and then cut out a pattern. But instead, I snoozed the alarm for an hour and have no desire to do anything this morning but watch GMA and drink my coffee.... Monday is my lazy day. I can't remember the last Monday that was productive. It is supposed to rain all day today, so I'm only hoping to clean Harry's drawers and closet out! If I can get that done and dinner on the table than it will be a successful Monday :)

Here's a SUPER random, phone dump, post for you. Ha!

Knocked out a couple of orders last week and think these two fabrics might be my all-time favorites. The Darling Clementine floral is so sweet and dainty and the lemon just screams summer! The lemon fabric is from an Etsy shop that is located in Asia so its fun to have some fabric that no one else has! Elle saw the lemon dress and said "oh my goodness, Mama. I love that! I would love it if it was all lemons and didn't have the pink top...". So I made her a version that has a lemon bodice and skirt with pink stripe pockets. It turned out so cute and she loves it. I'll share it later this week, along with the pattern and the adjustments I make to it. It's such a fun dress to make.

I kind of pampered myself a smidgen last week :)....I chopped all my hair off and got new shoes. Like chopped my hair off to my ears. I have a bunch of fun long pixie cuts on my hair + beauty pinterest board [here] and I'm hoping to eventually get to that long pixie cut. It's short but I think its so stylish and chic. And the story behind the new shoes: so I've been wanting to get some Salt Waters for about 3 years but just never have, so last Tuesday night we ate dinner with some friends (whom we have seen in over 2 years) and my friend, Jessica, was wearing some Salt Waters. I tried them on and instantly fell in love. So comfortable! I ordered them on my way home from dinner. Ha! I ordered the size she had, but unfortunately they are too small so I have to exchange them (which is annoying) but I'm super excited to have some matching sandals with  my kiddos. SO FUN!

mondaymusings03We are gearing up for Harry's SECOND birthday party around here! We are doing a Peace, Love, & Harry theme :). I came across some tie dye balloons about a month ago and knew I wanted to somehow use them because they were so fun! So we decided on a hippie birthday! IT's going to be so fun! Aaron has seriously made the CUTEST invitation of ALL TIME and I can't wait to share it with you. It is SO FUN! I have plans for all those fat quarters and was ecstatic that Joann had them for $.75 this week. I'm so excited about his party. It's going to be so fun. But, y'all, how is my baby almost TWO?

mondaymusings04Last week was such a pretty week to be outside. GORGEOUS! We literally spent every waking moment outside. And this week, all week, we have rain in the forecast. Bummer. But that will just bring all the pretty blooms out, so I am excited for that! Just not looking forward to being stuck inside all week. But we have some fun evening plans with friends and we'll just have to make some trips to the inside Chickfila and Barnes and Noble to pass the time!

Hope you all have a great week!


Friday, April 10, 2015

Five Things {birthday wish list}

Good morning!!

So, my 32nd birthday is right around the corner! How am I 32 years old? Feels so weird, only because I don't feel much older than like 26/27....

Every year, when my birthday starts getting close, I can't help but make lists of what I want, like I would have always done growing up!

Here's my wish list this year...

still wish I could give this list to my parents and get everything on it. ha! :)


I recently got my MIL Tocca Stella from Maude [here] and love the smell! Its a great floraly smell with notes or blood orange, freesia, orchids and lilies. I still think my favorite is Margaux or Florence though....I love the notes of gardenia in both of those. 

Nike Roshe Run [here]. I don't work out. I definitely should. But I've had the same pair of New Balance tennis shoes for almost 10 years! I love the stylish and simple look of these and black goes with everything!

Gold stacking rings. The sweet, dainty rings at Catbird NYC [here] are my favorite. I love them all, especially the diamond baguette ring and the threadbare and hammered rings. I haven't been able to wear my wedding set since being pregnant with Harry, I guess my body is now allergic to something in the white gold? Maybe the lead? So I would love a sweet little dainty set to wear in place of my wedding set!

Kindle Paperwhite PLEASE! While we were at the beach I read on Elle's Kindle and strained to see the screen when I was outside. A lady sat down next to me by the pool with a Kindle with a bright white screen and no glare and she told me it was the Paperwhite [here]. I gotta have it for this summer! I'm really hoping this is what my kids get me for my birthday. Aaron doesn't read this blog so I've been dropping other hints here and there!

My green eyes and I think this Urban Decay Naked 3 eyeshadow palette [here] is the perfect color! This might have to be my birthday party to myself this year! At $54 this is a great buy! I have the Basics palette and I've had it for over 18 months now and I still have a lot of applications left.

This week has FLOWN by! I don't even know what I've accomplished this week! Not much. I started cleaning out and switching out closets and cleaned the bathtub, ha! But really this week is such a blur! I'm looking forward to a fun weekend with my family!

Happy Friday, friends!