Friday, April 3, 2015

Beach Reads

Last week at the beach I was able to finish one book, read the entirety of another book, and start a third book. There was a lot of down time for me, which was so nice!


I was reading the Nazi Officer's Wife when we left and finished in when we got there. A true story about a Jewish woman's Holocaust survival. Truly inspiring real life account of a very brave woman during the time of Hitler's hellish reign. A must read.


I started and finished The Girl on the Train. I could not put this book down. It was so good! About halfway through I kind of figured it out but it made me want to finish it even more to see if I was right. A fun, intriguing read!


I started The Escape Artist the last night we were at the beach and finished it earlier this week. It was good! A good, easy beach read for sure! One of my friend's recommended Diane Chamberlain to me and I have been wanting to read one of her books for sometime but her ebooks are rather pricey (I don't like to spend more than $5) but I found this one for a good price and I'm happy to have read one of her novels. I am excited to read more from her!


Two nights ago I started Yellow Crocus and so far....SO GOOD. It's about a slave named Mattie at a big Virginia plantation who is taken away from her 3-month old son to nurse the Mistress of the plantation's baby, Elizabeth, and the bond that is formed between them. I left off where Elizabeth is 5 and Mattie is still her nurse and takes care of her day-to-day. I'm excited to read what's going to happen between them as she gets older. Such a different time and world and honestly it makes me cringe that people actually lived this way and thought it was okay. A very good read for sure, beach or no beach!

My cousin Jennifer, who also loves to read, is who recommended all the above books to me (except the Diane Chamberlain)! She always reads them first and then gives me recommendations and like me she doesn't like to spend much on an ebook so all the recs she gives me are in my price range. I've always been so happy with any book that she recommends to me and with millions of books out there I'm so happy that she and I have the same taste in books!

Happy Friday!! And Happy Easter weekend!


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