Friday, April 10, 2015

Five Things {birthday wish list}

Good morning!!

So, my 32nd birthday is right around the corner! How am I 32 years old? Feels so weird, only because I don't feel much older than like 26/27....

Every year, when my birthday starts getting close, I can't help but make lists of what I want, like I would have always done growing up!

Here's my wish list this year...

still wish I could give this list to my parents and get everything on it. ha! :)


I recently got my MIL Tocca Stella from Maude [here] and love the smell! Its a great floraly smell with notes or blood orange, freesia, orchids and lilies. I still think my favorite is Margaux or Florence though....I love the notes of gardenia in both of those. 

Nike Roshe Run [here]. I don't work out. I definitely should. But I've had the same pair of New Balance tennis shoes for almost 10 years! I love the stylish and simple look of these and black goes with everything!

Gold stacking rings. The sweet, dainty rings at Catbird NYC [here] are my favorite. I love them all, especially the diamond baguette ring and the threadbare and hammered rings. I haven't been able to wear my wedding set since being pregnant with Harry, I guess my body is now allergic to something in the white gold? Maybe the lead? So I would love a sweet little dainty set to wear in place of my wedding set!

Kindle Paperwhite PLEASE! While we were at the beach I read on Elle's Kindle and strained to see the screen when I was outside. A lady sat down next to me by the pool with a Kindle with a bright white screen and no glare and she told me it was the Paperwhite [here]. I gotta have it for this summer! I'm really hoping this is what my kids get me for my birthday. Aaron doesn't read this blog so I've been dropping other hints here and there!

My green eyes and I think this Urban Decay Naked 3 eyeshadow palette [here] is the perfect color! This might have to be my birthday party to myself this year! At $54 this is a great buy! I have the Basics palette and I've had it for over 18 months now and I still have a lot of applications left.

This week has FLOWN by! I don't even know what I've accomplished this week! Not much. I started cleaning out and switching out closets and cleaned the bathtub, ha! But really this week is such a blur! I'm looking forward to a fun weekend with my family!

Happy Friday, friends!


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