Friday, April 17, 2015

Five Things {summer ready}

It has been a rainy, yucky week and to top it off we've had the stomach bug roll through our house. So a lot of down time meant a lot of internet surfing!

It's already the middle of April! How did that even happen?! Summer is right around the corner and I've got my list of my summer must-haves...

Fun rompers and sun dresses are a must! Easy to wear and comfortable on those hot summer days and also double as cute bathing suit cover ups! Maude as some amazing rompers and dresses for summer right now. Some of my favorites: [here] [here] [here] [here]

X-Large totes. I love this one from Urban Outfitters [here]. Its so nice to have a big tote during the summer time for all your extras like changes of clothes, sunscreen, water wings, goggles, snacks, drinks..... you get the point! Ha! With kids you always have tons of extras to tote around and I like having ONE bag to tote everything in so a big summery tote is definitely a summer must-have!

A bathing suit that fits like a glove. Maude has Maaji binkinis [here] and I've tried on a couple and love them! They fit so good and don't cut into your side or booty. After having a surgery when I was a preteen that left a huge scar on my tummy and then having two kids I'm not a HUGE bikini person but these are so nicely fitting that they make me feel more confident to wear a bikini. I do LOVE high waisted bikinis though and Urban Outfitters has a couple that I'm loving right now [here] [here]. Anthro has about a million one-pieces that I LOVE [here]. I need them to go on sale :)

Fashionable and reliable shades. And try not to lose them :). I lost my Ray-bans that I got last year for my birthday and I'm really hoping I can get another pair for my birthday this year. They are the BEST! I love the Clubmaster Fleck [here] but I also am loving the Goldendaze brand at Urban [here]. A more affordable version!

COMFORTABLE SANDALS. These are a must in the summer for me. We spend so much time outside and at the park that comfortable sandals are a necessity. In the past I've had Chacos and really I've never LOVED them so this year I got some Tevas [here] and am in love. SO comfortable and metallic gold. Doesn't get much better!

What are your summer must-haves that I'm missing out on?

Happy Friday. TGIF fooor sure. It's been a long week. Yuck!



  1. My summer must have are my beloved Birkenstocks.

    1. Yes! I got Birks this year and LOVE them!