Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Lemon Love

This pattern is one of my absolute FAVORITES! I've made approximately 30 dresses using this pattern and have yet to get bored with it. Its such a fun, classic design with many opportunities to personalize to make it unique to you.

I love it as it was designed with the bow and the band, and I love it with the pockets. Elle prefers it with the pockets. It cracks me up the certain details and styles that she is drawn to. Lately she's into anything with an animal print (as in a print with kitty cats or flamingos, not leopard/zebra prints) and rompers! She won't wear jeans but she'll wear rompers. Little kids are so funny.

I made a version of this dress last summer for a lady who contacted me on Etsy asking for a custom dress for her baby girl's first birthday lemonade stand party. I scoured and scoured and finally found the cutest lemon fabric ever. It ships from Asia so I knew it would definitely be a one-of-a-kind dress. Then recently a sweet lady contacted me via Instagram and asked for the same dress for her darling girl for her first birthday so I decided to order extra fabric and offer it in my Etsy shop [here]. I made 6 available for purchase and within a few days I sold 5 of the listings, so I definitely think the lemon fabric and this style is a customer favorite as well.

When I was making the lemon dress for my customer a few weeks ago, Elle asked if I would make her one that was all lemons. I suggested the pockets and she was all about that. My heart swelled when I showed her, her new lemon dress and she lit up! She put it on right away, we took some pics and she didn't take it off all afternoon! I love that she loves when I sew for her! I know my days are numbered, so I'm relishing in it now.

ElleLemon02My favorite detail of the dress is the peek-a-boo ric-rac trim. Its so adorable and girly and summery. I love it!

ElleLemon01Unrelated to the dress, but can we talk about Elle's natural HIGHLIGHTS. She really does have the most gorgeous hair; color and texture. Lucky girl. I'm never going to let her color it or use a flat iron on it. Ha!

The pattern is the Every Little Thing Dress by Shwin Designs [here]. The few adjustments I like to make to the larger toddler sizes is use the selvedge width instead of their suggested width for the skirt. It gives it more twirl factor. For the baby sizes I add 2-3" depending on the size to add a bit of fullness to the skirt but not too much bulk. And for the pockets, I use a template from another pattern I like [here] but there are a lot of good websites/blogs out there with pocket tutorials if you need help with making a pocket! I also choose to make my dresses without the band. It's cute, but I like it without.

A sweet dress for a sweet little lady, my sweet little Elle. I love sewing for her. It's the best! And, I love when she loves what I sew for her even more. It's the icing on the cake.

I'm off on a day date with my bestie, Sarah, to Tulsa! We plan to do a little Anthropologie shopping and fun lunching and lots of girl talk. It's gonna be a fun day!


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