Thursday, April 9, 2015

Little High Style {Easter Sunday Best}

The weather on Sunday was so yucky. It rained all day, so I took almost no pictures of my kids in their Easter outfits :(.... we did get a few pictures right after church with the family but that was about it! Yesterday it was BEAUTIFUL outside, so I dressed Elle in her Easter dress and we headed outdoors to take some good, naturally lit, pictures. I really wanted to get some pictures of this sweet dress! I adore it so much.

We'll just pretend this is what Harry wore on Sunday :) but it's not at all. He had a purple plaid shirt that coordinated with the colors in Elle's dress and he also wore a bow tie out of the purple dot fabric and some boat shoes but he woke up on the wrong side of the crib yesterday and I knew a bow tie was a no go :).... I really had no intentions of taking his picture anyway but he had to get in a few shots. Even if they don't match, they still look pretty darn cute!

My favorite, and probably everybody's favorite, detail of this dress is the bow back. My second favorite detail is the peter pan collar. I am a sucker for that style always. Elle LOVED the dress. She loved that it was purple and she loved that it had a girly bow in the back but she was annoyed with the elastic sleeves. Ha! She told me on Sunday that the dress would be perfect if it just didn't have those itchy sleeves. So, I promised her I would make her a short sleeve version :)

I really enjoyed making this dress. It was my first time making it (or any pattern from this designer) and I had no problems and ran into no dead ends. The pdf instructions were clearly explained and easy to follow. I will definitely be buying more of Violette Field Threads' patterns [here] many cute patterns, I don't know how I'll ever choose what I want to make next. This adorable pattern is the Piper dress [here]!


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