Thursday, April 30, 2015

Peace, Love & Harry

Wow! How is it already Thursday? This week has just flown by and I woke up this morning and realized I haven't posted party pics yet. I've been meaning to since Tuesday but time has gotten away from me this week.

A couple of months ago, I was at Party City getting balloons for our best friends' gender reveal party and saw the tie dye balloons and just knew in that moment I had to do a party centered around tie dye in some way and Aaron came up withe Peace, Love & Harry theme! This has definitely been my favorite party I've thrown for one of my kids ever and I'm afraid I'll never be able to top it! Aaron did such an amazing job on the invitations (that included that Harry illustration), and everything came together so wonderfully and colorfully... it turned out to be so great!

PeaceLoveHarry01PeaceLoveHarry04I mean would you please look at that HARRYLARIOUS illustration?! It could not be more perfect or more HARRY! I love it so much!

Harry has the most colorful personality, so this fun-loving and bright theme fit him perfectly! And he had the best time playing with all his best buds and cousins at the park and he enjoyed all the cupcakes and root beer too :)

PeaceLoveHarry05PeaceLoveHarry06PeaceLoveHarry09PeaceLoveHarry10 For food we had an awesome tie dye cake, cupcakes, Cosmic Brownies, and rainbow gold fish. And for the drinks I got bottled Coke and Root Beer and made water with cucumber, mint and strawberry. That was so delicious!  Everyone thought the cake and cupcakes were so cute and they were unbelievably delicious!

PeaceLoveHarry07 PeaceLoveHarry08
We had the BEST time celebrating our Harry's 2nd birthday! Our families and our closest friends came and helped us celebrate our little guy this past Sunday at a local park. It was such a great afternoon. We are so very thankful for all the people in our lives that love our little guy so much and go out of their way to make him feel special to them!

Party Deets and Links:
Cupcakes and Cake: Mrs. Candy Lambert [email me for info if NWA local]
Harry's shirt: tie dye from [here] and I added the felt peace sign hand
 My Hat and Tie-Dye Top from MAUDE: [here] and [here]
Tabecloth/tapestry [here]
Galvanized Party Bucket [here]
Galvanized 3-Tier Stand [here]
Galvanized Drink Dispenser [here]
Banner: made by me, easy how-to [here]
Tie-Dye Balloons: Party City



  1. This is two fun! ;) Love the new blog and happy belated to your boy!