Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Best Days

One week ago today we were enjoying the most beautiful beach day ever......


We decided, very last minute, to go to Dauphin Island over spring break. Like, our decision was made the Friday before we left on Sunday. Aaron had a work trip to Vegas all week, so we loaded up with my Mom (aka Nana) and headed to the sunny Alabama coast for a few days. The weather was not the typical beach weather we are used to, since we usually go to the gulf in the summer months, but it was beautiful and relaxing nonetheless. Elle pretty much was my mom's shadow all week and I got to enjoy a few quiet hours every day with the Kindle while Harry napped. Our condo was on the ground level right by the pool, so while Harry slept, I read by the pool. It was marvelous. Btw, I read some really great books over the week, I'll share them with you soon!

We ventured to Gulf Shores for dinner one night, to the Estuarium at the Sea Lab on Dauphin Island one morning, and to Fairhope, Alabama the last day we were there because it was constant rain on the island all day!

Dauphin Island was such a cute, quaint, quiet island. It was our first visit to Alabama beaches and we loved it. We will definitely be going back there.

Well.... we are off to KINDERGARTEN REGISTRATION. Can't believe that it's already that time for our family. Elle is so excited. She's been bouncing off the walls since waking up this morning. I think she thinks she's going to school I keep trying to remind her that it's just when we go to fill out paper work and take a tour of her school that she will not be staying! I am sad, but excited that she's so looking forward to it. That makes it so much easier on me!

Happy APRIL FOOL's day! Hope you don't get tricked :)


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