Monday, May 18, 2015

Rice Bowls. Cheddar Brocolli Potatoes. Bang Bang Shrimp. Chicken Salad. {What We Ate}

Goodness. I have been SLACKING in the kitchen lately. We have been having some boring meals around here. Like sandwiches, mac and cheese, frozen leftovers, sandwiches...ha! I've been busy sewing and trying to knock out orders so those involved dinners my family is used to just have not been happening!


Rice: cook according to package directions and mix with 1/2 cup to 1 cup salsa depending on how much rice your cook.
Dressing: sour cream, sriacha, crushed garlic, and lime juice; all to taste.
Layer: rice, romaine, corn, black beans, roma tomato, avocado and top with dressing and fresh cilantro.

We have probably had these rice bowls 3 or 4 times since my last What We Ate post forever ago! They are so good and easy! This specific time I tried a different black rice and wasn't a huge fan so the other times we've had just plain white rice. You can use any toppings you and your family like!

CheddarBroccoliBakedPotatoesCheddar-Broccoli Baked Potatoes
sauce recipe I like [here]

Another super easy meal my family, especially my kids, LOVE! I feel like this is a good all-in-one meal since it has some veggies on it!

BangBangShrimpBang Bang Shrimp Pasta
recipe [here]

This is definitely the most involved meal I've made in the last month. And its not even that involved. You know you'll always see a shrimp dish in these posts and this was another one that my family really enjoyed along with a spinach salad and garlic knots. The bang bang sauce is made using mayo and chili paste and I think next time I'm going to try a little greek yogurt too to give it more of a tangy flavor.

SonomaChickenSaladSonoma Chicken Salad
recipe [here]

I just made this chicken salad last night and YUM. Harry ate it up! We are not on the Whole30 diet but this recipe just looked good to me when I saw it scrolling through my Pinterest feed. The recipe calls for 2 ripe avocados mashed into the salad to take place of the mayo-based dressing that the Whole Foods recipe [here] calls for but I love mayo and wanted mayo in my dressing so I did one ripe avocado mixed with about a half cup of mayo and it turned out good, of course. I mean it's mayo and avocado. Unless you just hate avocado or mayo than there's not a lot of room for failure there.

My etsy shop [here] made-to-order orders are drawing to an end. I have a few more to ship out today and then I've filled all but 2 orders so life will start going back to its natural routine! Which means more delicious, and healthyish meals for my family. And hopefully lots of grilled dinners starting soon.

Happy Monday!


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