Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Tie-Dye T-shirt Party Favors {a DIY}

TieDye07 One of the most fun (or is it funnest) DIYs I've done! So simple and it was something that Elle could help with. I dyed around 22 shirts as take home favors for Harry's party [here] a few weeks ago. It took me a lot less time than I anticipated, probably about 10 total hours, beginning to end.

I watched about a dozen You Tube videos on dyeing and everyone did it all so differently so I kind of ended up just doing my own thing and hoped they would turn out ok. I figured with only doing one color per shirt I had a pretty good shot at them being cute! We did test out one batch and once they turned out good, we did all the rest!

Assemble your supplies:
•tees or fabric
•RIT liquid dye
•3-gallon buckets
•salt (1 cup per bucket of dye)
•thick rubber bands
•rubber gloves (wear them anytime you are going to be in contact with the dye)

1. Wash your shirts, but do not dry them. You will want them damp. I did an extra spin cycle on mine just to make sure that all the excess water was out of them.

TieDye01 2. Gather your buckets and fill up each bucket with the hottest tap water about 3/4 full.

TieDye03 3. Dump the entire bottle of RIT in the hot water. (the bottle instructs differently, but like I said, I just kind of did my own thing). Also, I would fill a bucket with hot water and then dump the dye in the water right after it was filled. One at a time. This will give the dye time to really saturate the water.

TieDye02 4. Add 1 cup of salt to the bucket with the dye.

TieDye04 5. Take your shirt and starting in the center, twist very tightly and form into a small disk. This will make the spiral pattern.

6. Wrap the rubber bands around the twisted shirt disc and criss cross them in the middle. I used 4-6 rubber bands per shirt depending on the size of the shirt and/or thickness of rubber bands.

7. Drop the rubber-banded shirt into the dye and let soak for at least 4 hours.

TieDye05 8. With your rubber gloves on, rinse them with very cold, tap water until the water runs clear. This takes some time. Took me about 5-10 minutes per shirt depending on the size of the shirt.

9. Throw the shirt(s) in the wash and do a wash cycle without detergent and when done do an additional rinse cycle.

TieDye06 10. Hang to dry!

11. Dispay them at your party!

Super fun and so easy! Such a fun DIY and made for a unique party favor and an adorable decoration for a "hippe" birthday party!!




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