Saturday, June 6, 2015

Sewing. And Summer.

Wow. I have been away from this space TOO long.

I have been sewing A LOT! Finishing and shipping orders, and managed to fit in some new patterns and fabrics. I will do a separate post to share the info of the patterns I used next week.

I added some new listings to the shop this week. Check them out if you so wish [here]!

We also recently got a membership to the athletic club close to our house and we have been spending a lot of time there as well. My kiddos love their childcare and we all love their pool!

I mean this girl has got summer ALL figured out :)

We picked up these fun shirts last weekend at the Little Craft Show. I thought it would be a fun picture before we headed to the gym one morning but my kids weren't really feeling it. The shirts are from a cute little shop called Tiny Little Specks [here]. Super fun goods. Elle's tank says "quit calling the wildflowers weeds". So perfect for her!

I was a little worried about how this summer was going to go for us. Downtime leads to boredom for my two and that leads to fighting, whining, and all that craziness... I can hear some "amens" out there! But so far, summer has been good to us. I learned fast that if we have an activity nearly every day we are all happier. Thankful for the pool at the club and other little activities around our town for us to take part in!

I'll be back to more regular postings next week, I've learned my new summer schedule and have found where I can fit in my blogging!

Happy Saturday!


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