Tuesday, July 28, 2015

What I Wore {Mint Dream}

Sunday's sermon was about the 10th commandment: DO NOT COVET. And it's been on my mind since. Before church I would have described myself as pretty content with life but I soon realized while listening to the sermon that I am SO not. I want and feel like I need/deserve so much. And why am I not just content to love and appreciate what's been given to me? It's just so hard sometimes. Especially in this world. Especially with all the social media outlets, blogs, online shopping, etc. It's so hard. And then I got to thinking about this space here and my WHAT I WORE posts. I hope to NEVER make anyone feel like they want or need what I have in a coveting way. I am here to inspire outfits and that is it. And if you are in the market for a new, mint green, mumu style dress than here you go! I found one for you (wink, wink). I don't have everything I want and I'm learning really quickly through our journey of house hunting that I am quick to covet what I don't have. And it sucks big time when I find something I love and then it doesn't work out. But then I put my WHOLE life into perspective and its pretty great. I've been dealt a great hand.

One thing our pastor said that really stuck with me and is now imbedded on my heart was (in so many words) God is not so much concerned with how rich we are, or how poor we are. He is so much concerned with how we give the glory to God.

And this was the take home for the congregation:
We'll miss contentment if keeping, rather than releasing, becomes our objective. We too often love things and use people, when we should be using things and loving people. we are most content when we're grateful for what we own, satisfied with what we make, and generous to those in need.

Oh Jesus, did I need that sermon this week. So so much this week.

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. Philippians 4:8


MintDream0 ...and back to this what I wore post :).... I am loving all the fun trims I'm seeing in adult fashions lately. Lots of pom pom (which if you follow me on Insta you know I'm a huge fan of and use on may of the items I make for littles), crochet, tassel, feather. It's all so fun. A nice, girly touch without being too over the top. No sparkles or sequins here but give me all the pom pom trim you got :)

dress Midi Mantra Dress c/o Maude
shoes Gladiator Heel [similar]

More fun trim details:


Aren't they all just great?! So fun! Love them all :)


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