Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Fall's A Comin...

I'm a SUMMER gal. Give me all the hot days. Year round. But. In the same breath. I can't help love FALL fashion: layers, boots, and scarves. So cozy!

Here are some fall trends I'm loving:

falldreamingcollage01plaid. plaid. plaid. season after season; i'm a sucker for plaid!

falldreamingcollage03oversized tunics with skinnies and booties.

falldreamingcollage02chunky sweaters (and those flares!)

Looks and products can be found on my pinterest page [here] or direct links to some products:
gingham cardigan [here]
red plaid flowy top [here]
black oversize tunic [here]
plaid oversize tunic [here]

Happy HUMP day!

{now that Elle has started kindergarten we are living for the weekend and Wednesday is our turning point!}


Thursday, August 20, 2015


We have had a very full last few weeks....

Elle started KINDERGARTEN on Monday. Aaron got in a car wreck 2 days before we left for the beach. And, my grandfather (dad's dad) was put in hospice on Sunday. So to say, its been full is an understatement...and it's been extremely emotional few weeks too.

I am SO very thankful that we were able to take off to the beach last week and spend a whole week just the 4 of us. It was much needed, sweet time for us!

According to my phone, this is what life has been like for us lately:

Oh, to be back there. 7 days is NOT long enough. I am missing those lazy beach days something fierce!

Sunday night Elle had a SURPRISE "Elle Goes To Kindergarten" party at my parents' house. Aaron and I had no clue that my mom and Lauren (my brother's amazing girlfriend and Elle's favorite person in the world) planned such a fun afternoon for her! They invited her friends and we swam all afternoon and had hamburgers, cookie cake and "skoolaid". We had a great time celebrating Elle's next big life adventure.

It's been almost a whole week that she's gone to Kindergarten every day and I am not at all used to it. It's so weird having her gone every day. I miss her SO MUCH and can't wait to pick her up every afternoon and hear all her stories about her day (if she can stay awake long enough to share them with me)!

Are you sick of my "according to my phone" collages yet? Ha! More pics of our beach trip and Elle's first day of school to come and then more interesting (hopefully) content soon :)

Happy Thursday! We are just living for the weekend this week. We miss our girl bad....


Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Amazing Amazeum

There are so many benefits to living in northwest Arkansas :). One being the amazing new children's science museum, Amazeum, in Bentonville! We went last week with my mom and had such a great time! It is such a fun, unique, creative place. Our kids are so lucky to have such a place.

We knew we wanted to get back there once more before school starts so yesterday we left Harry with my cousin, and picked up her daughter and headed back to the Amazeum for another fun day.

amazeum_collageThe girls had a big time. Played so hard. We stayed for several hours and could have stayed a couple more but we had stuff going on in the afternoon that we had to get back for.

I didn't get any pictures of the girls in the Market but that is Elle's FAVORITE. It was Crazy Town yesterday at the Amazeum and I think the Market is every child's favorite that goes there. The girls played there forever, filling baskets, scanning, restocking the shelves, fixing me lunch at the cafe. It is so fun to watch Elle playing pretend. She was in her element in the Market :)

Here are some pictures from our visit last week:

amazeum_collage2 Check out Amazeum {here} and GO!