Thursday, August 20, 2015


We have had a very full last few weeks....

Elle started KINDERGARTEN on Monday. Aaron got in a car wreck 2 days before we left for the beach. And, my grandfather (dad's dad) was put in hospice on Sunday. So to say, its been full is an understatement...and it's been extremely emotional few weeks too.

I am SO very thankful that we were able to take off to the beach last week and spend a whole week just the 4 of us. It was much needed, sweet time for us!

According to my phone, this is what life has been like for us lately:

Oh, to be back there. 7 days is NOT long enough. I am missing those lazy beach days something fierce!

Sunday night Elle had a SURPRISE "Elle Goes To Kindergarten" party at my parents' house. Aaron and I had no clue that my mom and Lauren (my brother's amazing girlfriend and Elle's favorite person in the world) planned such a fun afternoon for her! They invited her friends and we swam all afternoon and had hamburgers, cookie cake and "skoolaid". We had a great time celebrating Elle's next big life adventure.

It's been almost a whole week that she's gone to Kindergarten every day and I am not at all used to it. It's so weird having her gone every day. I miss her SO MUCH and can't wait to pick her up every afternoon and hear all her stories about her day (if she can stay awake long enough to share them with me)!

Are you sick of my "according to my phone" collages yet? Ha! More pics of our beach trip and Elle's first day of school to come and then more interesting (hopefully) content soon :)

Happy Thursday! We are just living for the weekend this week. We miss our girl bad....


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