Friday, September 11, 2015

Five Things Friday

5THINGSdexterWe finally finished Dexter. WHAT IN THE WORLD KIND OF ENDING WAS THAT? They had to have set it up for a movie. HAD TO. That can't be the end.

5THINGloaferWho is liking the loafer trend? I am LOVING it. I'm still trying to decide whether I want the classic penny loafer or the trendier pointy toe loafer. I adore both. I do have a pair from Target but they are so uncomfortable I can hardly wear them for an hour, so I think investing in a good pair that I can wear years to come is what I need to do next.

5THINGSfastfoodathomeI started a new Pinterest board called "fast food at home" for the quick and easy dinners that I want to be able to prepare during the week. The day goes by so fast and before I know it its time to pick up Elle from school, I have about 3 and a half hours from the time I pick her up to make dinner, clean up dinner, give baths, hang out, and do bedtime. It doesn't leave anytime for elaborate meals these days. So as I've been coming across fast meals to prepare at home, I've been pinning them. Follow along [here] if you also need quick week-night dinner recipes.

So I recently, on a whim, purchased the Pixie pant from Old Navy. I was in need of a pair of dark colored dress pants and tried these on and fell in love. They are so comfortable. Honestly, they kind of feel like wearing leggings. Truly. I got the dark gray pair and want to get a fun, printed pair too. I think they would be really nice paired with a chunky sweater and the coveted loafers aforementioned :) and I love how all these ladies have styled them.

5THINGSrainbowrowellI haven't done a post on what I've been reading lately. I'll do one next week. I've read several books since my last book report. Ha! A few ladies on Instagram suggested Rainbow Rowell to me and I read both of these books recently and enjoyed them. Fun, easy reads. And I love her writing style. I want to read Eleanor + Park too, but I took a break from Rowell to read some books with more suspense.

Well, another week come and gone. Today marks Elle finishing up her 4th week of school. One month under her belt. So crazy. She is loving it by the way. Relishing. Makes me so happy!

Happy weekend.



  1. sole society has some SUPER cute pointed loafers!

    1. They do!! I saw them in their catalogue. I love the pointed ones and I also love the metallic silver Huxley ones with the tassel 😍