Thursday, September 3, 2015

Gulf Shores 2015 {picture overload}

This post is all pictures....

ENJOY!beach15beach14beach13beach12beach11beach10beach09beach08beach07beach06beach05beach04beach03beach02beach01The water was so crystal clear and the weather was perfect all week. It stormed the night we got there but only lasted a little while and the rest of the week was amazing. My kids loved the water and the sand and played so good together all week. Our condo was right on the beach, by the boardwalk and pool so we had a fun view and not a far walk.

It really was the best week ever. We had such a great time just the four of us. Who knew? Ha! Just joking, I totally knew we would have a great time. We were on our schedule and it was so nice to do whatever we wanted, when we wanted. Don't get me wrong....I looooove going to the beach with my family but it was really special it just being us for once. I see many more just-the-four-of-us vacations in our future.

OH....we went to Gulf Shores. It was so quiet. The waits at restaurants weren't too long and there was hardly any traffic. We loved the area we stayed and it was nice to cut out 3-4 hours of travel. We'll definitely go back to the Gulf Shores area in the future.


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