Monday, September 7, 2015

Labor Day

Happy Labor Day! Hope you're enjoying a relaxing day off from work. Elle stayed the night with my parents so I'm one kid down, which sort of feels like being off work. When Elle's away, Harry is the easiest child on the planet. No competing, fighting, whining...ha! So he's playing in his room and I'm cleaning up the huge mess I made over the weekend.

I decided to get out all the outgrown kids clothes and do a sale on Instagram. I started with Harry's stuff last night and still need to do all Elle's clothes this week.

I really hate transitioning closets so that's a MUST on my list for what we want in our next home. BIG CLOSETS and MORE STORAGE. There is only one walk in closet in our house now and its in our bedroom and it is the most narrow closet you've ever seen and pretty small for a walk in closet so there is no storing out of season clothes in our closet and the kids don't have walk-ins and their closets are so tiny (the kind with the accordion doors) so no storing in their closets either so when at the change of the seasons we (and by we I mean Aaron) have to haul down all the rubbermaids from the attic and haul them back up. It's really fun for him. He looks forward to it every year.

I also decided to go ahead and do the sale because I need to make room for all the clothes I've been buying. Ha! My favorite one-stop shop for the kids is Baby Gap/Gap Kids. I know I can go there and get everything for my kids. I usually love all their boy and girl stuff and can find plenty for my kids there. And they're always having 40% off sales! Which is so nice. They're having one today actually! If I could shop ANYWHERE for my kids it would be Zara, but it's way out of my price range and they never have sales (online anyway) but I'm obsessed with everything from there for Elle and Harry.

Here are some of my recent fav purchases from Gap...

buffalo check sold out | denim sneaks | super soft jeans | southwest vest

I feel like Elle needs SO. MANY. CLOTHES. since we go to public school and don't have uniforms. And actually, she doesn't, because we do own a washer and dryer. So, I have tried to be very conscious of what I am buying her: comfy dresses that she can wear with leggings and sneakers (PE twice a week) and some comfy joggers and cute hoodies. She can still wear most of her skinny jeans from last year, so that's huge. Although she will probably prefer to never wear them. Ha! So far we haven't had any fights over daily outfits but only because I think she is too tired in the morning to put up a fight but she has mentioned to me a couple days at pick up that she didn't like what she had on when she got in the car.... "hard to play in", "wood chips got in her shoe", "it was too hot"..... but I'll take that over fights any morning.

I still have to get tennis shoes for the kids, both grew out of their pair at the same time, and outerwear for the winter. I'll wait for another 40% sale next month. I probably need to take a break for now :)

Are there any kids labels out there that I'm missing out on? Of course, I also buy the kids lots at Target, Walmart and Old Navy. And I like to hit up Crazy 8 on occasion. But what else is out there?

Have a great day!


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