Wednesday, September 2, 2015

What I Wore {Date Night Stripes}

This school thing is kicking my butt. Elle's adjusting so well, but I'm still struggling. I've gotten over the initial emptiness I was feeling the first few days. I miss her every single day, but I'm getting used to her now being gone all day. The first (let's say week) was bad. Awful. Strange. Sad. But every day at pick up when she would jump in the car and start sharing events from her day, it started getting easier. She loves school and it makes it a lot easier on me that she loves it so much. What I still can't get used to is having to be somewhere every morning and every afternoon. I feel like I'm always in "go" mode. Which is fine, and good, and all that but I'm not used to it yet. We are only on week 3, so I feel like once we have the first month behind us things will start to feel old habit. Hoping any way :)

The week we got back from the beach Elle started kinder, my grandfather was placed in hospice and passed away four days later, and Aaron started his doctors appointments...

About the doctors appointments:

He was in a wreck two days before we went to the beach. He blacked out while driving. Total freak incident. He has never had a black out incident and hasn't had one since the wreck. SO THANKFUL that he was not injured during the wreck and did not injure anyone else. SO THANKFUL. But since, he's seen a general md, a cardiologist and plan to also see a neurologist to rule out everything. It's most likely a total freak-will-only-happen-one-time blackout but we are checking all the boxes before moving on.

So, yea its been a little busy for our little family (hence the no blogging).... Things should start slowing down a little for us now. I feel we are on the downhill slide :)

Needless to say our double date night with friends over the weekend was much needed and much enjoyed!


We went to a new place in Bentonville, Oven and Tap. It had a super cool atmosphere. Aaron thought it was too small portions but I actually like that. You can have a drink (or 2), an appetizer and your meal and not feel like a stuffed duck when you leave. I had the garden mule (vodka, grapefruit, mint, rosemary and ginger beer), the pimento cheese app and the mushroom ragu. It was all very good! We'll be back for sure.

This top is my new favorite. I want to get it in every color available, but that would probably be stripe overkill. Even for me :).... It is so soft and slinky (it's that slub material), will go with any and everything and will be the perfect transitional piece for fall and layering piece for winter. Untucked its the perfect butt-covering length too.


sammy stripe slub top [here] | destroyed denim [similar]
pony tail tassel necklace [here] | slouchy crossbody handbag [similar]
mountain peak cuff bracelet [here] | opposites attract marlyn schiff bracelet [here]

Happy HUMP day!

We live for Wednesdays now. Downhill to the weekend and sleeping in Saturday and Sunday!


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