Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Family Pictures

This picture cracks me up! Amber texted me the morning she put the pictures on her website and said that it was a "definitely more candid" set than usual. And yes I would definitely have to agree with her 100%. Harry WAS NOT COOPERATING at all and neither were his awesome transition lens (that's a whole other story.....). But despite what I witnessed with Amber trying to get pictures of my kids they definitely turned out so good and I could not be happier with them!

I look at this picture and swell with pride. I'm so thankful for these two that are so full of life and personality! You just can't help but smile when you are around them. Precious (& sometimes super rotten) little humans.

Elle Louise rocked the photo shoot like she always does. We can always depend on her to turn on the charm and smiles!

If I had to pick a favorite of her, this one would have to be it. She radiates such joy and beauty! I want to be Elle Louise when I grow up :)

OOOOOH HARRY. How my heart melts at the sight of him. But oh HOW ORNERY and STUBBORN he is! And those darn glasses...... This is by far the best picture of him from the shoot and I love it so much!

Ugh, the one of Aaron and Elle. So precious. I pray they always have the easy, fun-loving relationship they have now! And of course, I pray Harry will always love me as much as he does now :)

Love this one of Elle and Harry! Happy, happy!

And, the picture that made all the stress and chaos of the photo shoot SO WORTH IT! Pure perfection. I'm currently having wallpaper made out of it :)

Local peeps, check Amber Dickey [here] out (if you haven't already).  She is so good. So creative (I mean look at the field with the purple flowers she found!). So sweet. So patient. So affordable and your kids will LOVE her. I'm sure her fall sessions are filling up fast, so if you need pics get in contact with her.

Happy Tuesday! (<-- and WHAT ITS ONLY TUES?)


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