Friday, October 2, 2015

Five Things Friday

I saw The Intern this week. SO GOOD. Feel good, heart-string tugging, good. Go see it. Very funny too, so I think it would be a good date night movie. Adam DeVine from Pitch Perfect is in it and he is so funny. I snorted a few times :)

overthekneeOver-the-knee boots. Enough said. Except for I have more to say: I've wanted a pair for a couple of winters now! I talked about [here] how I was going to get a pair. And then I never did.... They are so fun. I'm just not sure I would get enough wear out of them to justify the purchase though. I am loving this pair by Seychelles Maude recently got [here]! But for $300 you've got to really really love them and know you'll wear them a lot. And, I just don't know that I would.

rainbowpadthaiI made this Rainbow Vegetarian Pad Thai this week and oh. my. yum. [Here] is the recipe. If you like Thai food at all you need to make this. So simple to make and you can get all the ingredients at the walmarts :). A little soakin of the noodles, choppin of the veggies (or thinly slicing rather, unless you are fancy and have a spiraler, then you'd be spiralin'), sautein, mixin and voila. So yummy! We had zero leftovers. And if you know Thai food, you know it is so good leftover so I was looking forward to some leftovers. But none. Zero. Zilch. A little disappointed but happy to feed my family a healthy dinner that they all loved. Love when they love what I prepare. Love love love. Love.

theArtofHearingHeartbeatsFinished [this] book last night. Please read it. It is a good book for the soul. I just started the sequel, A Well-Tempered Heart. So far, SO good. And I look forward to reading his murder-mystery, Whispering Shadows.

I've spent a lot of my downtime this week on pinterest, brainstorming Harry's big boy room! He's no where NEAR ready for the toddler/big boy bed but I know we'll soon (prayerfully!) be moving into a new house (and no we are not under contract on a house but I remain hopeful) and I want to have a direction set out for his room so that I can have painters paint before we move in. Unless its new construction I'll be getting every square foot of the house painted :) because I HATE TO PAINT. I am really loving the black accent wall for Harry. I just think it is so fun! And I LOVE the house bed (top left)! Aaron could totally build that. I can't wait to execute a planned-out room for Harry. Since we didn't with his "nursery", I really do look forward to it for his big boy room. Funny because Elle's nursery was well planned out but her big girl room was not. It was a throw-what-we-can-together-in-a-weekend project and it turned out perfectly. And I love Harry's room now, that was most definitely not planned out and is all hand-me-downs. So maybe there is something to be said for spur-of-the-moment design? But I will go into the next house with a direction for all the rooms.

And a bonus, because I love them so....

FriYAYElle is finishing up her SIXTH WEEK of kindergarten today! She has been in school SIX WEEKS. So crazy. We are so exceptionally proud of our sweet girl. She has taken kindergarten by storm. As we knew she most certainly would. She had her first book fair last week, brought home her first fundraiser, had our first parent-teacher conference (that went great), has her first field trip and holiday party coming up soon. Lots and lots of exciting firsts. This school thing is crazy fun. It's been better than we could have ever imagined.

Happy Friday, friends. Hope you have a great weekend.


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