Friday, October 16, 2015

Five Things Friday

5things_friday_homelandI wish I never would have started watching this. I am OBSESSED. It's so so good. We only have a free 30-day trial for Showtime and I'm trying to fit in 4 seasons in 30 days. I'm not sure what I'm going to do when the trial is up and I can't watch the latest season.

5things_friday_baber15things_friday_baberWho is watching The Voice? We aren't only because our antenna doesn't pick up NBC, but I've been contemplating purchasing Hulu so we can stream it. Barrett Baber, Arkansas native, is on it this season. He was picked by Blake and is well on his way! We got to listen to him sing and meet him (and come to find out his wife purchased a romper from me for their baby girl over the summer and I'm just putting two and two together. such a fun and unexpected connection.) last weekend at a charity event in Springdale. A very short meet and greet, but so nice and funny. As you can tell in the picture. He had Sarah and I in stitches. Even though I don't know him I am so excited for him and his wife and family. Can you imagine? So awesome! If you don't watch The Voice, look him up on You Tube. He's so talented!

5things_friday_collagesateen high rise [here] | layered sweater shirtdress [here] | snow cap fur vest [here]
marled sweater top [here] | mix-media peplum top [here]

Did a little shopping this past weekend and subconsciously bought all neutrals! I really need to make more of an effort to add color to my wardrobe but neutrals are just so easy. And don't you just love that fur vest? I'm so excited to wear it. The only reason I'm ready for cold weather is that vest.

5things_friday_aloveslAnna at A Loves L [here] made this awesome water color of us at the beach this summer! How much do you love it? I think it is so fun and the perfect addition to our gallery wall! She is so amazing and so affordable. Her custom watercolors would be the perfect Christmas gift for that person who has everything!! speaking of Christmas...can't believe its only a couple of months away

A few weeks ago we looked at a gorgeous home with a lot of outdoor living space. We made an offer on it but it didn't work out but now outdoor living space is way up there on my "must have" list. I started pinning inspiration for outdoor living and have absolutely fallen in love with the idea. Now when looking at homes if there isn't a place to expand and live outside I move right on to the next possibility. These outdoor spaces are so dreamy. So hopeful for a place like this!

Well, my H-man was sick AGAIN this week. Fever. Cough. Runny nose. Yuck yuck yuck. Have such a love/hate relationship with fall for the one reason that it's so hard to stay healthy. Ugh. We have stayed home ALL week again and now I am going stir crazy! We have a full weekend and I welcome it with open arms!

Have a great weekend.


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