Tuesday, November 3, 2015

happy halloween 2015

we had such a fun weekend, dressing up, trick-or-treating, and hanging out with family and friends. Elle Louise looooooooooves candy! she counted her loot last night and she acquired 107 pieces of candy this weekend and you better believe she knows exactly what she has. she doesn't love the chocolate candy so much, so she shares that with us but she would eat every last piece of what she does like. what do you do with all the candy? as soon as halloween is over, I just want it OUT OF MY HOUSE, because I don't want the kids to just have it at their disposal and I end up eating WAY TOO much of it!! I usually let Elle pick out her a few favorites and throw the rest away. Harry's too young to know what he wants to keep so I'll pick out a little bit for him too and keep it in my purse for bribes while shopping.

on saturday we went to our friends house for dinner and trick-or-treating in their neighborhood but on our way over there stopped at my grandparents' house to trick-or-treat and grab a few pics in their tree-covered front yard.

as you can see the kids were less than cooperative and it was pretty gloomy outside so our 6-year old dslr was having some issues with all the movement :)

halloween2015_03Elle loved her skirt so much! it was all her idea to be "sandy" and she looked so precious in her poodle skirt :). this was elle's 6th year dressing up for halloween and my first year making her costume. it's definitely much easier to buy something already made but I loved getting to making this skirt for her.

I made the Poodle Skirt pattern by Mack & Lily on etsy {here}. such a cute and easy pattern. Harry's outfit was so quick and easy to pull together. the moment elle told me so wanted to be a 50s girl, the leather jacket {here} for Harry popped in my mind and I ordered it right away. it's so cute!

hope you all had a wonderful halloween weekend!! so crazy that it's already november and 8 weeks until Christmas! we are going to be busy, busy from here until the first of the year.

happy monday!


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