Thursday, November 5, 2015

What I Wore {Sunday Fur}

SundayFur01this vest: one of the few reasons I've been excited about cooler days. I may have jumped the gun a little but was too excited to wear it; so on sunday, when it was sunny and low 60s (the most beautifully perfect fall temperature), I decided to wear it anyway and paired it with cropped jeans and open toe shoes. church had the AC cranked up so I was happy to have it during the service but ditched it as soon as we left. it will be wonderfully warm on winter-cold days.
SundayFur02SundayFur04probably one of, if not the most versatile piece hanging in my closet. ANYONE can wear fur. ANYONE. I love how it works for anyone in pretty much any situation. you can wear this with a chambray and sneaks or dress it up for a holiday party. I recently bought my mom one for her birthday and it looks so cute on her. definitely age appropriate style for everyone!

bell of the ball blouse [here] (also available in black) | snow cap fur vest [here]
cropped denim [similar] | open-toe shoe [similar] [similar]
leather tassel necklace [here]

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HAPPY THURSDAY! it's almost the weekend!!


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  1. That is nice. I never let the changing of seasons stop me from wearing my favorite fur. Fur can be worn year-round as a way to enhance any outfit.
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