Thursday, February 25, 2016

Cake. Presents. Shopkins. Bowling. {a fun 6th birthday}

3 weeks ago today Elle turned SIX! I have no clue how she is already 6 and only has 3 months of kindergarten left. simply mind blowing if I think about it too long. this last year has been so much fun! she finished up preK, we went on a couple of fun vacations, she started kindergarten and has grown up so so much. while growing up and change has been bittersweet, it has also been so fun and exciting!

on her birthday, Elle requested chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, chick-fil-a for lunch and spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. she loved getting to be at school on her birthday and got to invite a friend from her class to each lunch with us. my parents sent her flowers to the school and she thought that was so great!

my parents and grandparents came over for dinner and dessert the night of her birthday. and she got to open presents from us and them. that was definitely her favorite part of the day!

the following weekend we had her PARTY!
gone are the days of me planning parties for Elle. she wanted a Shopkins-themed, bowling party. so that's what she got. while my heart broke for the little sweet tea party I was envisioning, her bowling party was great. and she had the BEST TIME EVER! that's all that matters anyway.

5 was a great year! 6 will be a great year! and I look forward to whats in store for sweet Elle throughout all the years. she is pure joy and I love being her mommy.


Wednesday, February 24, 2016

What I Wore {Loose Maxi}

Friday night Aaron and I saw Bela Fleck and Abigail Washburn at the Walton Arts Center. they were so good (if you like bluegrass and jazz you should check them out) and made for a unique date night. I picked up the maxi to specifically wear with the long sweater cardigan on our date Friday. it was such a casual, easy, and comfortable outfit I repeated the outfit for church on Sunday.

abigail loose maxi dress on sale!!! [here] | melange cardigan [here]
dolce vita haku bootie sold out [similar peep toe option] | necklace via maude sold out
drawstring closure bucket bag via maude in store only [similar]

I have a feeling I'll be wearing this dress a lot through the spring and into the summer. it's black, it's comfortable and it's easy to style. check, check, check. for spring it will be so cute also paired with an oversized denim jacket and summer it will be super cute worn solo with lace up sandals [love this pair].

Elle just had to show me how it was done......

and unlike me, she is a natural in front of the lens :)

happy day, friends.

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Friday, February 19, 2016

What I Wore {Everyday Style}

hey, hey, hey. happy FRIDAY! tgif. it has been a very eventful week for us and I am ready for some rest and relaxation this weekend (although I won't really be getting it...)

honest to goodness, lately I have been living in leggings or yoga pants. we haven't been doing a whole lot of much. but here are a couple of outfits I've worn as of late that I actually remembered or had time to take some quick pics of.

everything I'm wearing I've had for a while and has been sold out since purchasing, but you should check out for some awesome end-of-season sale items [here]! I'm so excited to start shopping for some new things for spring! check out my pinterest board [here] for some warm weather clothes I'm excited about!

speaking of spring....the weather we have been experiencing this week has been AMAZING! 60s and today its forecast to be in the 70s. I could get used to this but I am leery that it just means we have some yucky winter weather in store for us. I will never forget that it SNOWED on my 30th birthday on May 3rd, almost 3 years ago. Arkansas weather is crazy. but for now I'm relishing in this amazing weather and dreaming of spring and summer!

hope you all have a lovely weekend. Aaron and I are getting a date night tonight! we haven't had one in I don't know how long. I honestly can't remember the last time we did something just the two of us. I'm excited!


Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Kitchen

the kitchen. aaaahhhhhhh..... my favorite room in the house. I can't even begin to express my thankfulness and gratitude for this space. it's so beautiful with all the light cabinetry and functional with its flow and layout. it's a dream come true for me. if you spent any amount of time in the kitchen of my old house you most certainly know why I am so in love with my new kitchen. I love cooking and baking and this kitchen has been so fun to work in.

there are things that I would of done differently, of course. we didn't build this house so there are definitely aspects of the kitchen that would not have been my first choice but as far as the layout is concerned, I am sold. I love this kitchen so much.

islandbefore01one thing I knew I wanted to change immediately was the island. if I had my way, I would have gotten a new island all together. shorter height, different counter top and less fussy all around. but, aaron said I would have to wait on that for a while so I decided in the meantime I would just paint it.

islandbefore02I realized after I started to paint that I hadn't taken any before pictures. so these (missing doors and painted side) will have to do!

paint made a world of difference. it really lightened up the whole space. I am so pleased with how it turned out! I decided on gray because a) I LOVE GRAY and b) the stone back splash has a lot of gray in it and I thought that by painting the island gray it would pull more of those gray tones out of the stone.

islandafter04I think I can be happy and content with this updated island.... for a while anyway :)

I used Annie Sloan chalk paint, color: French Linen. do you love it? I just think its such a pretty gray. I also changed out the knobs. they are from hobby lobby and were purchased during their 50% promo so this was all around a relatively inexpensive. I still need to add a coat of wax. I've been putting it off. I really hate to paint.

over the weekend I repainted Elle's dresser and have plans to paint her room today! her big girl space is coming together. she chose purple and while purple is never my first choice, I'm actually loving it and can't wait to share pictures of it soon!

happy hump day, friends.


Friday, February 12, 2016

Valentine's Day

happy happy Friday! Sunday is Valentine's Day. what? we have had such a busy last few months that I am totally off my game and behind in all aspects of my life. but I really do feel like things are starting to get back to normal for me. but I will be honest, Valentine's Day completely snuck up on me. last night as I was writing my Friday to-do's I remembered I haven't even shopped for my little Valentines. so I plan on fitting that in today :)


Aaron and I really enjoyed celebrating Valentine's Day and spoiling each other back when we were dating and newlymarried, but now it just seems like a waste of money, time and energy....although I might have sent him a text implying something that maybe he could buy me for Valentine's Day this year. really its just an excuse to get something I want but really shouldn't just go out and buy. ha!

but we do love to give the kids a couple of little things. and, of course, they love a present!! I feel like every year I kind of buy the same things: raincoats, spring pajamas, candy, a small toy (because Lord knows my children are not lacking in the toy dept), and a dvd to share. we love watching movies as a family! right now Elle is obsessed with shopkins (they are cheap, yay!) and Harry is obsessed with dinosaurs so that's fun and easy.

now, now, now. I constantly have an ongoing "wants" list in my notes app on my phone. so IF we did buy for each other gifts, I would love any of this:

flowers and sweets always top my list. I love the uniqueness of Pigmint {here} and Alchemy Macarons {here} and would not at all mind getting a beautiful arrangement or some macarons from either place :).....

we have a keurig and I never indulge in Kcups. EVER. I buy them from TJMaxx on major sale or use the Kcup filter, so to get a few boxes of my favorite flavors would be so fun for me! I love love love the coconut mocha flavor.

have y'all seen the Kate Spade All In Good Taste line {here}. I would love to own 80% of the pieces. these dessert plates, the cookie canister, the deco dot tea kettle and the "first come, first served" pitcher top my list.

and of course, I would always take a new pair of ray bans. I am loving the Erika shape.

my girlfriends rave about the butter London gel set {here} but I have yet to try it because it is quite pricey, so I would love to receive this for Valentines day. are those colors not to die for! I love the green!!

hope you all have a fabulous weekend celebrating those you LOVE!



Tuesday, February 9, 2016

alive and well


a big HELLO from our new home.

we are here. alive and well. moved and settled.

I haven't moved in 10 years, and when I did move from a 1-bedroom apartment to a house, 10 years ago it was no big deal. I had about 4 boxes and a couple pieces of furniture. this time was a whole different story. way more time intensive and long term than I had anticipated. while we are moved and we are settled, there is still so much left to do. we have been in our new house for nearly 6 weeks and I have yet to hang a single thing on the wall or completely decorate a room. I have found it to be a little overwhelming, not knowing exactly where to start. we still have a couple big furniture purchases to make and I feel like once that is behind us I can start actually decorating.

I have started decorating Elle's room because it's the only room I have a vision for at the moment and I plan on starting on my sewing room/office next. and then hopefully I'll be in the decorating mode and can get other areas finished as well.

despite feeling at tad overwhelmed at times I have felt completely at home in our new house. it is everything we could have ever hoped and prayed for. we feel truly blessed to have found this house and to have been able to purchase it and for the whole process to have gone so smoothly.

we look forward to many years making memories here!

ps. now that I have my computer all set up (which took a mere 6 weeks to do...) I should be back to regular blogging. I've missed this space :)