Tuesday, February 9, 2016

alive and well


a big HELLO from our new home.

we are here. alive and well. moved and settled.

I haven't moved in 10 years, and when I did move from a 1-bedroom apartment to a house, 10 years ago it was no big deal. I had about 4 boxes and a couple pieces of furniture. this time was a whole different story. way more time intensive and long term than I had anticipated. while we are moved and we are settled, there is still so much left to do. we have been in our new house for nearly 6 weeks and I have yet to hang a single thing on the wall or completely decorate a room. I have found it to be a little overwhelming, not knowing exactly where to start. we still have a couple big furniture purchases to make and I feel like once that is behind us I can start actually decorating.

I have started decorating Elle's room because it's the only room I have a vision for at the moment and I plan on starting on my sewing room/office next. and then hopefully I'll be in the decorating mode and can get other areas finished as well.

despite feeling at tad overwhelmed at times I have felt completely at home in our new house. it is everything we could have ever hoped and prayed for. we feel truly blessed to have found this house and to have been able to purchase it and for the whole process to have gone so smoothly.

we look forward to many years making memories here!

ps. now that I have my computer all set up (which took a mere 6 weeks to do...) I should be back to regular blogging. I've missed this space :)