Thursday, February 25, 2016

Cake. Presents. Shopkins. Bowling. {a fun 6th birthday}

3 weeks ago today Elle turned SIX! I have no clue how she is already 6 and only has 3 months of kindergarten left. simply mind blowing if I think about it too long. this last year has been so much fun! she finished up preK, we went on a couple of fun vacations, she started kindergarten and has grown up so so much. while growing up and change has been bittersweet, it has also been so fun and exciting!

on her birthday, Elle requested chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, chick-fil-a for lunch and spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. she loved getting to be at school on her birthday and got to invite a friend from her class to each lunch with us. my parents sent her flowers to the school and she thought that was so great!

my parents and grandparents came over for dinner and dessert the night of her birthday. and she got to open presents from us and them. that was definitely her favorite part of the day!

the following weekend we had her PARTY!
gone are the days of me planning parties for Elle. she wanted a Shopkins-themed, bowling party. so that's what she got. while my heart broke for the little sweet tea party I was envisioning, her bowling party was great. and she had the BEST TIME EVER! that's all that matters anyway.

5 was a great year! 6 will be a great year! and I look forward to whats in store for sweet Elle throughout all the years. she is pure joy and I love being her mommy.



  1. happy belated birthday elle! love from GA!

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  5. Thats so sweet. It is always one of the greatest joys of a mother to have a little version of her.
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