Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Kitchen

the kitchen. aaaahhhhhhh..... my favorite room in the house. I can't even begin to express my thankfulness and gratitude for this space. it's so beautiful with all the light cabinetry and functional with its flow and layout. it's a dream come true for me. if you spent any amount of time in the kitchen of my old house you most certainly know why I am so in love with my new kitchen. I love cooking and baking and this kitchen has been so fun to work in.

there are things that I would of done differently, of course. we didn't build this house so there are definitely aspects of the kitchen that would not have been my first choice but as far as the layout is concerned, I am sold. I love this kitchen so much.

islandbefore01one thing I knew I wanted to change immediately was the island. if I had my way, I would have gotten a new island all together. shorter height, different counter top and less fussy all around. but, aaron said I would have to wait on that for a while so I decided in the meantime I would just paint it.

islandbefore02I realized after I started to paint that I hadn't taken any before pictures. so these (missing doors and painted side) will have to do!

paint made a world of difference. it really lightened up the whole space. I am so pleased with how it turned out! I decided on gray because a) I LOVE GRAY and b) the stone back splash has a lot of gray in it and I thought that by painting the island gray it would pull more of those gray tones out of the stone.

islandafter04I think I can be happy and content with this updated island.... for a while anyway :)

I used Annie Sloan chalk paint, color: French Linen. do you love it? I just think its such a pretty gray. I also changed out the knobs. they are from hobby lobby and were purchased during their 50% promo so this was all around a relatively inexpensive. I still need to add a coat of wax. I've been putting it off. I really hate to paint.

over the weekend I repainted Elle's dresser and have plans to paint her room today! her big girl space is coming together. she chose purple and while purple is never my first choice, I'm actually loving it and can't wait to share pictures of it soon!

happy hump day, friends.


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