Friday, February 12, 2016

Valentine's Day

happy happy Friday! Sunday is Valentine's Day. what? we have had such a busy last few months that I am totally off my game and behind in all aspects of my life. but I really do feel like things are starting to get back to normal for me. but I will be honest, Valentine's Day completely snuck up on me. last night as I was writing my Friday to-do's I remembered I haven't even shopped for my little Valentines. so I plan on fitting that in today :)


Aaron and I really enjoyed celebrating Valentine's Day and spoiling each other back when we were dating and newlymarried, but now it just seems like a waste of money, time and energy....although I might have sent him a text implying something that maybe he could buy me for Valentine's Day this year. really its just an excuse to get something I want but really shouldn't just go out and buy. ha!

but we do love to give the kids a couple of little things. and, of course, they love a present!! I feel like every year I kind of buy the same things: raincoats, spring pajamas, candy, a small toy (because Lord knows my children are not lacking in the toy dept), and a dvd to share. we love watching movies as a family! right now Elle is obsessed with shopkins (they are cheap, yay!) and Harry is obsessed with dinosaurs so that's fun and easy.

now, now, now. I constantly have an ongoing "wants" list in my notes app on my phone. so IF we did buy for each other gifts, I would love any of this:

flowers and sweets always top my list. I love the uniqueness of Pigmint {here} and Alchemy Macarons {here} and would not at all mind getting a beautiful arrangement or some macarons from either place :).....

we have a keurig and I never indulge in Kcups. EVER. I buy them from TJMaxx on major sale or use the Kcup filter, so to get a few boxes of my favorite flavors would be so fun for me! I love love love the coconut mocha flavor.

have y'all seen the Kate Spade All In Good Taste line {here}. I would love to own 80% of the pieces. these dessert plates, the cookie canister, the deco dot tea kettle and the "first come, first served" pitcher top my list.

and of course, I would always take a new pair of ray bans. I am loving the Erika shape.

my girlfriends rave about the butter London gel set {here} but I have yet to try it because it is quite pricey, so I would love to receive this for Valentines day. are those colors not to die for! I love the green!!

hope you all have a fabulous weekend celebrating those you LOVE!



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