Friday, February 19, 2016

What I Wore {Everyday Style}

hey, hey, hey. happy FRIDAY! tgif. it has been a very eventful week for us and I am ready for some rest and relaxation this weekend (although I won't really be getting it...)

honest to goodness, lately I have been living in leggings or yoga pants. we haven't been doing a whole lot of much. but here are a couple of outfits I've worn as of late that I actually remembered or had time to take some quick pics of.

everything I'm wearing I've had for a while and has been sold out since purchasing, but you should check out for some awesome end-of-season sale items [here]! I'm so excited to start shopping for some new things for spring! check out my pinterest board [here] for some warm weather clothes I'm excited about!

speaking of spring....the weather we have been experiencing this week has been AMAZING! 60s and today its forecast to be in the 70s. I could get used to this but I am leery that it just means we have some yucky winter weather in store for us. I will never forget that it SNOWED on my 30th birthday on May 3rd, almost 3 years ago. Arkansas weather is crazy. but for now I'm relishing in this amazing weather and dreaming of spring and summer!

hope you all have a lovely weekend. Aaron and I are getting a date night tonight! we haven't had one in I don't know how long. I honestly can't remember the last time we did something just the two of us. I'm excited!


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